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What Are the Most In-Demand Careers in 2023?

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Are you hoping to advance your career? Well lucky for you there’s no better time than now to evaluate your professional and personal objectives.

With the aid of this list of the top careers for 2023, you can determine whether your talents may be applied to a new area or whether you can completely change your career path. We have also included average salaries for each job scope.

Take note: Every wage figure is taken directly from

So, let’s get started!

Data Scientist

Positions connected to data science are currently in high demand. In fact, Business Insider claims that employment in data science will still be in demand in 2030.

There is a catch, though. Data science covers a wide range of positions and responsibilities. This might be highly perplexing for someone who is just starting out or considering changing career paths.

The following skills are required:

Modeling and analysis of data

Statistics and math

Coding basics: Python and Java are added benefits.

Presentation and data-visualization abilities

Estimated US annual average salary: $101,736

Nurse Practitioners

A nurse wearing green scrubs looking at the camera and smiling

Nurses are in high demand because providing high-quality healthcare is undoubtedly essential. The first step is to obtain your nursing certification, and after that, continue improving your skills.

The following skills are required:

Communication skills with patients

Excellent evaluation and diagnosis

Skills in patient education

Ability to use research from the field of medicine

Broad understanding of current medical techniques

Estimated US annual average salary: $122,744

Marketing Analyst

A man analyzing the data collected

Although marketing analyst positions are a subset of data science positions, we have included them separately because they do not fall within the mainstream. It is required of a marketing analyst to examine data sets of market segments or campaigns and produce actionable insights. It's a top choice for one of the finest careers in 2023 since it calls for both business and scientific aptitude. A marketing analyst can also work from anywhere in the world!

The following skills are required:

High-level expertise in data analysis

Being able to construct attribution models

Understanding of designing experiments

Dashboards or reports with data reporting

An aptitude for trend analysis and prediction

Estimated US annual average salary: $76,470

Project Manager

A project manager having a discussion with her team members

Nowadays, 89% of businesses have at least one PMO, and 50% have more than one. This further demonstrates how project managers greatly benefit a business by ensuring that all resources are used in the most effective manner. A project's function involves a variety of skills, including managing people, resolving technical issues, exercising leadership, and planning. With the new hybrid or work-from-anywhere models that are being put into effect post-pandemic, the necessity for project managers will only increase.

The following skills are required:


Management of time

Management of people Leadership abilities

Strong communication abilities

Outstanding Excel skills

Estimated US annual average salary: $81,121

Digital Marketer

A laptop that says 'breakdown of ad spend' with a book and a cup of coffee on the table

Did you know that in the US, a digital marketing manager's average age is 38 years old? Internet marketing is still in its early stages. As a result, it draws young individuals who have the capacity to learn and develop. Digital marketing was a component of the marketing mix for the majority of businesses prior to the epidemic. Since the epidemic, practically most marketing is now done online due to its several advantages over conventional marketing channels, including accurate channel attribution and the ability to course-correct a campaign.

The following skills are required:

Making decisions based on data

In-depth knowledge of SEO

The capacity to derive conclusions from data

Capability to bid on the most relevant keywords, affiliates, and display positions

Excellent financial management and communication skills

Estimated US annual average salary: $60,267

Financial Manager

Personal and business investments are expected to grow significantly in the coming years. As a result, financial management positions are becoming more important. A finance manager is supposed to oversee a company's investment portfolio, make wise and deliberate investments, and help the business grow financially. It is a crucial employment role that calls for discipline and in-depth financial understanding.

The following skills are required:

Outstanding business sense

Presentation and communication abilities

A rapid number-crunching ability

Capability to control risks

Estimated US annual average salary: $103,064

Network Security

Are you aware that cybercrime is thought to cost the world $6 trillion annually? Additionally, since the epidemic, cybercrimes have increased by nearly 600%. Hence, if there was ever a time to pursue a career in network security, it is now. Professionals in network security are required to protect a company's internal information as well as that of its clients and partners. This is a fairly profitable employment opportunity due to the unreasonably high cost of a security breach.

The following skills are required:

Being able to anticipate security breaches

Having an ethical hacker's mentality

Necessary technical qualifications and certifications

The viewpoint to comprehend data ethics in its bigger context

Estimated US annual average salary: $103,518

UI/UX Designer

A UI UX designer is an expert who spots innovative ways to improve user experiences. They effectively reach more clients thanks to appealing branding methods. Additionally, they make sure that their products or services produce the required results throughout the entire customer journey.

The following skills are required:

Experience  working as a UI/UX Designer or in a position related 

Portfolio of design work 

Expertise with wireframe softwares

Expertise in design applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 

Teamwork and effective communication skills for working with different stakeholders 

Effective time management 

Design, computer science, or a related field as a BSc

Estimated US annual average salary: $102,419

Before choosing a career path that fits their skill set, passion, and perspective, everyone must first take a look at these top-demand occupations in 2023. There are many prospects for development and learning in these job descriptions. Choosing one of these career descriptions might thus be advantageous in the future.

We hope this list has helped you figure out the next step in your growing career!

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