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Which ED Device Is Best? We Reviewed Two Of The Most Popular Options

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is an issue that many men deal with whether they talk about it or not. And while there are a lot of pills and creams out there that promise to help you last longer in bed, most men would rather not risk the side effects that come with medication.

Luckily there are now science-backed, wearable ED devices for stronger, longer lasting erections without any side effects. We looked at two of the most popular devices on the market, MysteryVibe's Tenuto 2 and Eddie by Giddy. Both are FDA Class 2 devices backed by clinical research and doctor recommended. So, which came out on top?

How They Work

The Tenuto 2 from MysteryVibe is an award-winning wearable vibrator that increases blood flow to the penis by stimulating the penis and perineum with powerful, targeted vibrations. The gap at the bottom allows for ejaculation and the vibrations also stimulate the partner at the same time.

Eddie by Giddy is a silicone ring that is clasped at the bottom with tension bands. Unlike most penis rings, it’s oval shaped instead of circular, so it constricts the veins in the penis, but not the arteries. The open bottom shape does not put pressure on the urethra, allowing for a more pleasurable finish.

The Tech

This category is a bit of a no-brainer. The MysteryVibe Tenuto offers 4 power motors with 16 intensities & 8 preset vibration patterns. The device can be controlled by you (or your partner) via a smartphone app so you can create your own patterns.

The Eddie By Giddy is a silicone ring with elastic bands… no tech here.


Eddie by Giddy is a silicone ring that slips on easily. Some users complain of pinching while learning to use the device, but overall, it’s fairly comfortable and easy to use. You quickly forget it’s even there. The ring comes in 4 sizes and the website offers a “Find My Size” guide to help you figure out which is best for you..

The Tenuto 2 is much more advanced with an incredibly flexible design that adapts to almost any penis size. And, when you turn Tenuto 2 on, it feels good. You definitely won’t forget it’s there and you won’t want to. This category goes to MysteryVibe.

Side Effects

Tie. Unlike pills or creams, neither device has any side effects.


This one goes to Eddie by Giddy. The small size and the fact that it doesn’t need to be charged make it easier to throw in your suitcase or take on the go if you’re expecting a sexy encounter.


Eddie by Giddy is a subscription plan with an initial cost of $188, which renews every 4 months. In the first shipment you get 1 Eddie and 6 elastic tension bands. The tension bands lose their elasticity with time and use, hence why new bands are shipped out every 4 months as part of the subscription service. A one-year subscription costs around $564. This feels very overpriced, especially considering it’s a reoccurring charge.

Tenuto 2 is a one-time purchase that costs $223 and includes a 2-year warranty. Tenuto 2 is designed to sustain thousands of bends so won’t lose its integrity. Plus, with all of the technology packed in Tenuto 2, we think $223 is a very reasonable price. So, in terms of what you get for the price, the Tenuto 2 is the outright winner here.


While both the Tenuto 2 and Eddie by Giddy are great options to help you maintain an erection, our pick is Tenuto 2 as it delivers 3 benefits – get erect, stay erect, stimulate your partner.

The vibrations take intimacy to the next level and the ultra-flexible design stretches to fit your penis perfectly. Not only does it solve the ED issue, it intensifies sex and enhances the sexual experience all around.

Save 20% on the Tenuto 2 when you shop MysteryVibe today.

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