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5 Hand-Crafted Hats To Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

Each winter as the temperature starts to drop, I immediately pull out my beanies and get ready for what feels like an eternal chill. And while a cozy beanie is great to have on those super cold days, or to throw on with sweats when I take the dogs out, I always find myself wishing I had some more stylish options for when the weather is chilly, but not freezing. (Raise your hand if you’ve worn a beanie when it’s just a bit too warm and ended up drenched in sweat). This year, I’m getting ahead of things and stocking my wardrobe with cute, comfortable hats that will elevate my winter outfits and provide just a bit of extra warmth (after all, you do lose about 10% of your body heat through your head!). These hand-crafted styles from American Hat Makers provide a well-rounded hat wardrobe, perfect for any cool weather outfit.

  1. The Maldives Moon Felt Fedora Hat is the perfect combination of classic and modern. This rancher style hat with a wide brim features a unique geometric-pattern band with rope detailing for a subtle pop of color and texture. The beautiful Oatmeal colorway looks perfect with a cozy winter white sweater and jeans.

  2. The Cannes Felt Boater Hat is simply a classic piece that complements any look and definitely deserves a spot in your closet. With a flat crown and brim, this fedora is the perfect addition to any fall or winter outfits. It comes in soft Taupe or solid Black, both of which are great for any season. I’ll be pairing it with a simple black dress, tights, and boots.

  3. The American Outback Crusher Leather Hat is a great option for outdoor activities in cooler weather. The wide brim and UPF 50 provide protection from the elements (winter sun is no joke!) and it’s virtually indestructible. It’s made from premium leather and can be packed or crushed while still retaining its shape. The braided detailing adds a stylish touch.

  4. The Jawa Felt Fedora Hat is going to be one of my go-tos this season. The frayed texture band with a leather accent strip gives the hat a bit of a relaxed feel, so it’s perfect to wear in more casual settings. Don’t get me wrong - it’s beautiful, but it’s not at all stuffy. The warm brown color pairs perfectly with cream colored tops.

  5. And finally, for a real statement piece, I’m loving the Bondi Felt Fedora Hat in Cinnamon. This bold burnt orange hat with a matching band and trim truly is a showstopper. On those dark winter days when I need a bit of a pick-me-up, I’ll be grabbing this hat and pairing it with a simple, classic look. I can already tell that this hat will turn heads and brighten up my day when I wear it.

Now I’m not getting rid of my beanies - they do serve a purpose on those frigid days. But when I want something a little more stylish to help me feel confident and pulled together, I’ll be reaching for one of my American Hat Makers creations.

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