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5 Reasons This Shapewear Brand Is My New Go-To

Before Covid, I was willing to wear some pretty uncomfortable things in the name of fashion. Skinny jeans, shapewear, strapless bras, stilettos. You name it, I probably wore it pretty regularly. And then came the pandemic, where we all wore sweatpants for a year and realized that being comfortable literally all of the time was kind of nice. Now that more people are returning to the office and holiday parties are back on, I have decided that, while I’m looking forward to actually getting dressed up again, I refuse to go back to my “comfort be damned” mentality. Anything I invest in from here on out will be enjoyable to wear. It’s almost 2022 after all - comfort and style don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

And that’s where my new go-to shapewear brand comes in. I came across Calypso while searching for - you guessed it - comfortable shapewear. I was a bit skeptical because all the shapewear I have tried in the past has been pretty unpleasant to wear. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that the most effective shapewear is generally the most uncomfortable. Go figure.) I wasn’t interested in wearing something that took all the enjoyment of actually being out, but I also wanted to look my best and to feel confident. So I placed an order hoping that Calypso might be the brand to crack the code on shapewear that works and feels great. The result was better than I could have hoped. Here are the reasons this brand is my new fave.

1. Comfort

Calypso’s products are made from buttery soft bamboo that feels so nice against your skin. Silicone grip bands at the waist prevent rolling which, in my opinion, is the most annoying thing about shapewear. No need to worry about that here. I didn’t deal with any roll down on a recent night out. In fact, I forgot I was wearing shapewear at all.

2. Quality

Immediately after opening the packaging, I could tell that the products were meant to last. The durable, performance fabrics have a nice handfeel and structured seaming that keep you feeling supported all day.

3. Inclusivity

Calypso’s sizing goes from S - 3XL, so anyone can find their perfect fit. I always like to see when companies are doing their part to be inclusive and make sure their products are accessible to as many people as possible.

4. Value for Money

Effective shapewear tends to be pretty pricey. Calypso offers a great value for money with their products. It’s not cheap, but when you see the quality, it feels like a steal. I can definitely see eventually ordering one of each product to have a complete shapewear wardrobe.

5. It works

Most importantly, Calypso’s products really work. The bamboo and elastane fabric compresses the areas where I want more support, but eases off on the areas where I want to enhance my shape. It’s the best of both worlds. I got so many compliments at a recent party and I felt so confident in a form-fitting dress that I normally would be a bit hesitant to wear. With Calypso, I know that my silhouette looks sleek and smooth.

Long story short, Calypso is definitely my new go-to shapewear brand. I’ve been telling all my girlfriends about my discovery and the “Thank you for the recommendation!” texts are coming fast and furious. Do yourself a favor and place an order as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed.

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