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5 Reasons To Shop This America Hat Brand

I’ve never been a big hat person. Don’t get me wrong - I wanted to be. I’d see women wearing stylish sun hats or fedoras and think, “She looks so chic!” But when it came time to get one for myself, I always had trouble finding a hat that fit properly, was flattering, and that I felt confident wearing in a variety of situations. Until I discovered American Hat Makers. I came across the brand after I spotted someone I follow on Instagram wearing their Fazenda Wide Brim Felt Fedora. As per usual, I thought, “She looks so chic!” and I immediately headed to their website.

After clicking through their new Wanderlust collection and learning more about the brand, I decided to take the plunge and give one of their hats a try. Here’s why:

Handmade in America I love supporting American brands, especially those that manufacture in the U.S. as well. American Hat Makers is a family business that has been handcrafting their hats in Northern California for almost 50 years.

Lifetime warranty All hats from American Hat Makers come with a lifetime guarantee. When a company is confident enough in their product to offer a guarantee for life, I automatically feel more confident making my purchase. American Hat Makers guarantee their hats against defects in materials and workmanship, so I know that if I have any issues on that front, I can go to them to get it sorted out.

Experience Gary Watrous, founder of the brand, started selling handmade leather goods out of the back of his Chevy station wagon in 1972. Since then, the brand has become one of the largest hat businesses with a global presence. Simply put, these guys know hats.

Fit There are few things more uncomfortable than wearing an ill-fitting hat. This was actually one of my biggest pain points in trying to find hats in the past. American Hat Makers has a clear demo on their site for finding the right measurement. But in case you order the wrong size, they offer free returns and exchanges until you find the perfect fit. Plus, some of the collections have a hidden adjustable band inside!

Materials American Hat Makers use only the finest leather and felt in their products. Every stitch, design choice and material selection is made with conscious and deliberate thought to bring you the highest quality hats made in America. Premium leather and the highest quality felt ensure that their products are built to last. Rain and sweat are no match for their designs, which are guaranteed to hold their shape and last a lifetime.

I ordered the Cannes Wide Brim Felt Boater in taupe. The fit is perfect and it’s so comfortable. From a style perspective, the lighter color means I can wear it with summery outfits, but the felt material means that it works perfectly with cozy Fall outfits as well. Plus, I love how with the chin strap, I can take the hat off and have it hang at my back rather than have to carry it around - chic and convenient! Win-win. I’ve lost track of how many compliments I’ve received. Thanks to American Hat Makers, I’m finally a hat person. Special Offer With Our Readers: 12 Days of Christmas Sale: 50% off Select Items


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