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5 Ways Suvie Changed My Life

I know it sounds a bit dramatic to say that a kitchen appliance changed my life. If I read that somewhere, I’d probably give it as much credence as when someone claims that something “is everything.” (As in “OMG that PSL is everythinggg.”) But I digress. And after a few months of using the Suvie regularly, I’ve noticed a number of surprising ways that this “kitchen robot” really has made a difference and had a really positive impact on my day-to-day life.

Saves Time

Now that I’m no longer shopping for groceries as frequently and I’m not spending time preparing and cooking my meals, I have hours of extra time each week to spend on the things I love.

Saves Money

While the Suvie is not cheap (packages start at $399, and the meal plans run around $11 per serving) I’ve found that after the initial purchase, my food costs have gone way down. I eat out much less and my take out habit is almost nonexistent.

I Eat Better

Not only does the Suvie cook more delicious meals than I can cook on my own, the recipes from the meal plan are wholesome and healthy. Unlike at restaurants where meals are often unhealthy and full of fats oils and calories, I know exactly what I’m getting with my Suvie meals and I can feel good about eating them thanks to the Certified Balanced P Program.

More Quality Time with friends and family

One unexpected benefit of getting the Suvie? I’ve found that I’m having people over more often because I know I’ll be able to serve them a delicious meal. And because I’m not toiling away in the kitchen the whole time, I’m really getting to enjoy their company and have meaningful conversations without constantly running to check on things. I just know that the Suvie is doing its job.

Less Stress

This last one really shouldn’t come as a surprise. With more time on my hands, healthier meals in my belly, and more money in my wallet, it makes sense that I’ve noticed a drop in my stress levels. No more rushing to the store before it closes, no more shelling out money on greasy takeout, and no more trying to plan meals for the week (on top of everything else I’m trying to juggle). Knowing that I can just pop my dinner into the Suvie and eat a delicious, healthy meal in 25 minutes is a real gamechanger.

As I mentioned before, to say that the Suvie has changed my life seems a bit hyperbolic, but it’s actually true. These seemingly small benefits have added up in a way that I definitely didn’t expect when I first made the purchase and I honestly don’t see how I could ever go back. Dare I say it? That the Suvie is, in fact, everything?

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