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7 Mindful Tip to Avoid Distraction and Stay Focus

Keeping up to speed with social media means it's difficult not to check your device almost every minute, let alone cope with several mounds of work and interactions in real life. As a result, our productivity has decreased, and overall attention spans have shrunk. What's the good thing? Various strategies can assist you in focusing on your duties and avoiding distractions.

1. Get rid of distractions

First and foremost, you must eliminate all sources of distraction. While you won't be able to eliminate all distractions, you may attempt to limit or eliminate as many as possible. Begin with modest steps such as going to a quiet location, switching off alerts on your cellphone or switching it off entirely, and so on.

2. Use the Pomodoro Method

Maintaining focus allows you to accomplish more in very little time. While this appears to be a straightforward concept, putting it into reality may not always be easy. So, the next moment you're having trouble concentrating, try the Pomodoro method. This technique trains your mind to stay focused for brief periods.

3. Put locks on your social media accounts.

If visiting Facebook or Twitter every 5 minutes is your definition of a work break, you might want to explore using a social media blocking software. Several apps are available for your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Many of these diversionary tactic solutions automatically block internet games and applications and webpages such as YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, texts, and emails. Freedom, AppBlock, FocusMe, etc., are among the most widely used social media blockers.

4. Make sure you get enough rest.

It's no news that sleep deprivation affects the majority of people. Whilst some nights of little sleep is acceptable, not having adequate sleep regularly can have a severe influence on both short as well as long-term memory and your ability to focus. According to experts in the medical field, people between 18 to 60 years should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Adults over the age of 65 may require up to ten hours of sleep per night.

5. Practice Mindfulness Exercises

Distracted thinking is a regular occurrence that we all encounter. You can rapidly return your concentration to wherever it should be by being alert and noticing when your focus begins to wander. Furthermore, engaging in deep breathing, meditating, and mindfulness exercises, such as yoga, might educate your mind to be more conscious.

6. Concentrate on related tasks.

Select comparable jobs, put them all together, and complete them one by one. This allows for a phase change process, and you might just discover that you can get a lot of work done by not hopping from one activity to the next. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not more productive or effective, especially about remaining focused.

7. Give your body something to eat.

When "hanger" strikes, we already know what occurs. A big focus fails the terrible mix of lack of food and rage. Ensure you don't delay or miss meals to keep your mind engaged, your stamina levels increase, and your moods in check.


Whether it's due to a plethora of conflicting objectives or a lack of sleep, being unable to focus can seriously hinder your productivity. Understanding how to focus on what has to be done each day might assist you in staying focused on your most necessary chores.


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