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All Equestrians Should Know About This Supplement

As a competitive 3 day eventer, the health and performance of my horse is always my top priority. So when my horse seemed a bit out of sorts after a recent horse trial, I was concerned. Not only did he seem a bit stiff after our dressage test, but his coat looked dull, and there was noticeable breakage in his mane and tail. I immediately called up my vet and told her what was going on. She thought it sounded like my horse was low in Selenium and Vitamin E and recommended that I try the supplement Trifecta from Horse Guard.

I looked into Horse Guard and was immediately impressed by the company. Founded in 1978 by Del Johnson, Horse Guard is still family-owned and run by his daughters Ty Newman and Dr. Kelsey Nonella, a Ph.D. and Certified Equine Nutritionist. They are horse owners and competitors themselves, so they really understand the importance of proper equine nutrition and supplements. Horse Guard offers a wide range of products for different issues including weight, hoof and hair, digestion, and joints. I looked specifically at the Trifecta product that my vet had recommended. It’s a 4-in-1 supplement specifically for sport horses that aids in faster muscle recovery, promotes shiny coats and strong hooves, helps improve digestion, and helps keep flexible joints. It basically checked all the boxes I was looking for and the reviews were wonderful.

I placed an order immediately and was excited to see if it would help my horse get back on track. When it arrived a few days later I started giving it to him according to the instructions. I wasn’t sure how he would react to the taste, but he happily gobbled it up. After 4 weeks I began to see a real improvement in his coat and even his mane and tail. They were much shinier and longer, with much less breakage. I also noticed improvements in his digestion, which I hadn’t even realized was an issue - he had less loose stools and a much better demeanor. He started to bounce back much more quickly from our jump schools and didn’t seem to have any soundness issues or stiffness. The most noticeable change was his muscle development. Overall, he looked so much stronger and healthier through his topline and hind end.

We began placing higher in competitions not long after we introduced Trifecta to our routine and we achieved our best dressage score to date and our clearest & fastest cross country round ever. Multiple people have asked what it is we’ve changed in our training and diet and I just tell them about Horse Guard and Trifecta. This vitamin and mineral supplement is an absolute must-have for competitive riders who not only want to perform better, but also ensure that their horse is strong, healthy, and happy. Mine certainly is.


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