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Are You Struggling With Painful Intimacy In Menopause? This Device Is A Game Changer.

When I started going through menopause, my deepest fears became my reality. Sure, the hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes were rough, but it was the low libido and painful sex that were the most difficult parts for me. As much as I tried to navigate these changes, I couldn’t deny the impact that vaginal dryness and painful intercourse were having on my relationship - in and out of the bedroom. But I was determined not to let this transition take the intimacy out of my marriage, so I began to research to see my options for dealing with the discomfort I was experiencing. And since May is Women’s Health Month, now is the perfect time to talk a bit about my journey and shine a light on one of the aspects of women’s health that can often get swept under the rug.

It was during this initial search that I came across a brand called MV.Health. The company uses the latest advances in technology, materials science & medicine to make sexual wellness devices that support people through major life events (like menopause!). I decided to take the quiz on the website to see which product they recommended for my particular issues. Based on my answers they recommended the Crescendo 2, which helps to “improve vaginal lubrication, genital sensation, and arousal disorder.” It would also supposedly result in “eye-rolling moans and orgasmic bliss that dreams are made of.”

Intriguing, yes. But I was skeptical. If this was impressive as the website made it out to be, why hadn’t I heard of it? Then I remembered that menopause symptoms are not a topic that many women talk about openly - especially the ones I was struggling with. But after learning a bit more about Crescendo 2, my interest was piqued. The product is really impressive - FDA registered, backed by a decade of research & recommended by Mayo Clinic. And after reading that its published clinical trial showed an improvement of genito-pain by 5x, I was convinced to place an order.

The package arrived quickly and discreetly. I opened my order and was impressed by the sleek, modern packaging and design. It felt a little bit like unboxing an iPhone. After a quick review of the instructions, it became clear, but I was still skeptical - I doubted this device could combat the various issues I was facing, but my husband and I decided to give it a try that night.

And let me say that my skepticism vanished almost immediately. Within a few times of using the device, I felt 15 years younger. My symptoms of low libido, vaginal dryness, and pain had all but gone. I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll say that both my husband and I are so thrilled with the purchase that we wished we’d known that a vibrator like this existed sooner!

I’ve had the device now for a few months, and I’m pleased to report that we both still thoroughly enjoy this addition to our love life. The excitement is back and our intimacy has not only increased, but improved beyond what it was in my pre-menopause days. I’ve recommended Crescendo 2 to many of my friends with similar situations and the feedback has been resoundingly positive.

For anyone experiencing menopause(and even those who aren’t, to be honest), Crescendo 2 is a must-have to tackle dryness, pain, arousal and improve your intimacy. My husband and I feel closer now than we have in years, and MV.Health has definitely brought the mystery back in our bedroom!

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