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Baby Keeping You up at Night? You Need to Try These Silk Crib Sheets

I got my first set of Coco Beans crib sheets as a gift, and I swear if my kid could talk he’d say “thank you mommy” - he can’t, but the long stretches of sleep in his crib speak volumes.

Coco Beans are 100% silk crib sheets that were created for babies with dry and sensitive skin, tangle-prone hair, and overall fussy sleeping habits. Other than being buttery soft and super breathable, these sheets are also temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and machine washable (so they’re just as easy to take care of as any other fitted sheet, only 10x more perk-packed).

Liam runs a little hot, and these sheets have been a godsend in cooling him down and keeping him calm throughout the night (because who likes waking up from their own body heat?). Also, for all the new parents out there, waking up hot actually causes rashes, and Coco Beans sheets has helped prevent those too. No more hot cranky baby (just a cranky baby for a hundred other different reasons).

The sheets come at a higher price-point than average baby sheets, around $100, but taking everything into account I’d say they are totally worth it, and after recommending it to my friends I found out that it has more benefits than I even realized:

For all the curly babies

I’ve never had to think about curly hair, but for those of you who were blessed with those gorgeous locks (and/or whose kids now have them), you know the frizz struggle. There’s nothing quite like waking up with completely tangled hair and having to brush it out, especially for a baby. I definitely don’t envy you in that regard.

I know that silk pillowcases are a thing for curly-haired folks, so think of these crib sheets as the first step you missed out on as a kid. Your kids won’t have to wait until they’re in their 20’s to discover how to best care for their curly hair – you now know best and can bring ‘em up right. Also, aside from reducing tangles and painful messes, these silk sheets reduce bald spots that babies are often prone to when sleeping on their backs.

For all the sensitive babies

Coco Beans sheets are hypoallergenic and more hydrating than cotton, so if your baby has sensitive or dry skin, these are a game-changer. Of course, you’ll still be slathering them with lotion, but the silk helps them retain that moisture throughout the night. Silk also seems to do wonders for a range of skin conditions - my friend’s one-year old has eczema and the silk seems to have really made a difference in the amount of skin rashes and even minor outbreaks.

For all the pampered babies

Okay, silk is beautiful. Let’s not pretend that’s not one of the major factors in buying these sheets. Truth be told, I didn’t really need my friends to tell me this, but when one of them voiced it I was finally able to say it out loud - hell yes I want my child to be pampered every second of his life, and Coco Beans gives me a sound way to do that. If you want the best for your baby, or if you want to impress your friends with the best baby shower gift idea, here you go.

Long story short, if you haven’t caught on already, I’d highly recommend Coco Beans sheets as a personal buy or baby shower gift idea (I have two sets from both reasons).

You can choose from the classic white, bunnies, “slumber party”, or “field of dreams” patterned fitted sheets on their website!


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