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Business Ideas You Can Start In 2021

We know that deciding to invest involves a high level of risk for any entrepreneur. When undertaking a business, success is never assured, and this is dependent on many factors.

Most entrepreneurs come up with a business idea, raise the necessary capital (be it investors or personal savings), then take it to market and hope to survive. The unfortunate truth is that most will not.

But we have not come to discourage you, quite the opposite, because, in this post, we bring you some ideas of profitable small businesses that are convenient to invest in during 2021.

Another trend you should consider when embarking on 2021 is that ecology is still on the rise and does not look like it is going to stop. Taking a look at business ideas in this sector, in addition to contributing responsibly to the environment, could also be an excellent opportunity to earn money.

Consulting services

If you are knowledgeable and passionate about a specific topic (business, social media, marketing, human resources, leadership, communication, etc.), starting your venture as a business consultant can be a lucrative option in 2021.

You can, for example, start a consulting business on your own and then grow your business by hiring other consultants over time.

Distributor of physical or digital products

If you are passionate about sales, you can consider starting an online reseller business. Although it takes a lot of time and dedication, this is a great idea starting as a side activity.

You can offer physical products to customers from anywhere in the world or become a distributor of products created by others.

Give classes online

The demand for online classes has opened up an extensive possibility for entrepreneurs to start their own companies. Is the idea of teaching online attractive to you? You can choose any subject you know and teach classes or courses regardless of your location.

If you don't have advanced knowledge in a particular subject, you can always consider teaching your country's language as a foreign language online to international students.

Become a coach

Being a coach is one of the professions of the moment because it has become a straightforward way to earn money and monetize an area of ​​expertise.

New technologies have made it possible for the possibilities of coaching to be infinite. You do not need to have a person in front of you to become their coach; you can do it practically from any location, thanks to the multiple communication platforms that we have available today.

Coaching is one of the profitable business ideas in 2021 that will continue to bring results, as long as we focus on a highly demanded topic. Mixing online courses, books, and face-to-face activities will help you build your coaching brand and demonstrate all you can contribute.

Text editor

Copywriting is another low investment business idea that has proven to be profitable. Whether you write for blogs, web content, or press releases, if you have writing skills and a bit of marketing knowledge, many companies are likely to be willing to pay for your services.

In addition, to start this business, all you need is a good internet connection and a computer; you can work from the comfort of your home or even from a co-working space with other entrepreneurs in this industry.

Also, if you establish a large enough network and get referrals from satisfied clients, you could make copywriting your full-time job.

Sell homemade food

Do you have a talent for cooking and need some extra money? Selling homemade food could be one of the most exciting business ideas of 2021 for you, and that hardly requires investment. Cooking and selling what is cooked will help you live off your passion.

Please take into account that people have less free time every day and are looking for services that facilitate their day-to-day, offering already prepared food could be a good idea to create your own business.

Have a niche blog

Having a blog is one of the digital businesses that offer the most profitability to entrepreneurs. Creating and sharing content on a topic you are passionate about is a great way to earn income.

The important thing is that you gradually build your audience, gain authority in the sector, and, little by little, start working with other entrepreneurs, brands, and allies of interest.

Once you have a blog with a significant number of daily visits and an audience willing to interact and acquire your recommendations, you can start generating income by recommending info products or physical products from others.


Be intentional and consistent with whatever business you choose to begin after analyzing all these profitable business ideas. You can start generating income living off your passions.


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