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Can An App Help With PE? My Honest Review Of MYHIXEL

Any man who has experienced premature ejaculation can tell you, it’s not very much fun. Aside from preventing you from truly enjoying sex, it can wreak havoc on your confidence, and be completely mortifying, especially if you’re being intimate with someone new. But it’s an issue that 1 in 5 men (myself included) deal with, so why is it so taboo to talk about? I knew there had to be a solution that was better than pills or numbing spray, and I was determined to find it.

That’s how I discovered MYHIXEL. The male sexual health brand is normalizing the conversation around PE and creating innovative, science-backed solutions to solve the problem. When I first came across their website, I was skeptical. MYHIXEL Control is an app and device that offers a “healthy long-term solution to help men control their ejaculation.” Unlike other options I had heard of (and tried) MYHIXEL doesn’t just focus on the physical components of male climax. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the foundational component of the treatment, and the MYHIXEL Play App helps users take incremental steps towards addressing premature ejaculation for a sustainable solution.

When used in conjunction with their lifelike pleasure device, MYHIXEL Control lets you practice your new skills and prepare you for IRL intercourse. The brand’s other programs have helped users to increase the duration of sexual intercourse by up to 7 times, which bodes well for Control even though it’s too new to have research-backed results yet. But the company’s stats, combined with a review that proclaimed “the results are mind blowing,” definitely caught my attention.

I was intrigued enough to place an order for MYHIXEL Control, which includes the MYHIXEL II pleasure device, access to the educational Play App, and an online consultation for more personalized support. Although it is understandably more expensive than a numbing cream, I was viewing this as a one-time purchase that would provide ongoing support. A cream or a prescription that would need to be continuously refilled would end up costing more in the long run, so I was willing to invest in MYHIXEL. The package arrived quickly and very discreetly. It was really simple to set up the device, configure the app, and get started!

I began using the app as directed, and was quickly impressed by the results. The device is incredibly anatomically realistic with gentle, therapeutic vibrations, movement and speed sensors, a warming system. It’s also IPX7 waterproof and the Bluetooth connection allows the app to track the user evolution in real time. As you work through the levels of the app, you’re able to see your progress and track your improvement. (One important thing to note is that MYHIXEL is not a sex toy, so the vibrations will probably not feel as intense as you would expect with a toy, but I promise they are working!)

After completing the program, I could see a huge difference in my stress level around sex. My stamina had increased a lot, and I was now actually enjoying sex instead of panicking. Using the app and the device together has made me so much more aware of the mind-body connection and made me feel more in control of my ejaculation. As the review said, truly mind blowing. Say goodbye to pills, numbing creams, and unwanted side effects. Make sexual anxiety and disappointment a thing of the past with MYHIXEL.

Improve your performance and learn how to last longer with the MYHIXEL Control. This month only, take 15% off sitewide and get a free replacement sleeve when you shop MYHIXEL.


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