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Does Your Skincare Routine Include Your Whole Body? Here’s Why It Should

For my entire life, when it came to skincare, I really only thought about my face. I had no problem spending hundreds of dollars on lotions, creams, and serums that promised to keep my face glowing and wrinkle-free, but when it came to the rest of my body, I was happy to buy some cheap drug store lotion and slather it on after the shower. I figured that my religious use of sunscreen was enough. And it was… for a time. But as I hit my early 40s, I began to notice the skin on my body, specifically my neck, chest, and hands begin to change.

Seemingly overnight, sun spots, crepiness, and dryness appeared, leaving me in a bit of a panic. (Ok, a total panic.) Not only was it causing me to feel incredibly self conscious, it was also causing me to worry about the health of my skin beyond aesthetics. I immediately started doing my research to find skincare for the body that did more than temporarily moisturize my skin. That’s how I came across OneSkin’s new OS-01 BODY Topical Supplement.

Developed by longevity scientists, all of OneSkin’s products include their proprietary peptide, OS-O1, which acts at the molecular level to reduce your skin’s biological age, improve your skin barrier, and support proper cell function. In layman’s terms, it treats the root causes of skin aging, so skin doesn’t just look younger and healthier, it behaves like younger and healthier skin.

After reviewing the data (images below) and the customer reviews, I was sold. At $89 for a bottle with a subscription, the OS-01 BODY Topical Supplement is certainly more of an investment than a drugstore brand, but it’s more affordable than many luxury brands that don’t have nearly the amount of research behind them (looking at you, La Mer). Plus, as OneSkin points out on their website, your skin is your largest organ and your body’s first defense against all sorts of external factors. When I started thinking about this as part of my overall healthcare routine, the investment made complete sense. Plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so I had absolutely nothing to lose.

When my order arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it out. After my shower that evening, I applied the Topical Supplement to slightly damp skin. It felt light on the skin, not greasy or heavy like lotions I had used in the past. I can be impatient, but I knew that I couldn’t expect immediate results, so I decided to use the product as directed for 4 weeks before making any judgments.

I’m happy to report that I didn’t actually have to wait that long before I noticed a difference. After just a few days my skin was feeling much softer and after the first few weeks, I noticed much less crepiness and my skin felt much more supple and hydrated. Any embarrassment I had felt was completely gone and I was hooked. I’ve extended my subscription and I’ve convinced numerous people to give it a try as well - their results have been as good as mine. OneSkin’s OS-01 BODY Topical Supplement has truly transformed my skin along with how I think about the role the skin plays in regards to my overall health. Try it out for yourselfI hope you can see how it could do the same for you!


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