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How I Upped My Wine Knowledge With This Innovative New Platform

I enjoy a glass of wine as much as the next Millennial, but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know nearly as much about the subject as I would like. Anytime someone tells me they’re picking up notes of stone fruit from the bottle we just opened, I’ll take a sip, slowly nod my head, and say, “Mmhmm, oh yeah, I’m definitely getting that, too.” (Spoiler alert: I am not.)

But recently I was out for a drink with a friend who always seems completely confident ordering and talking about wine. (She definitely picks up on the stone fruit.) I asked her how she knew so much about wine, expecting her to tell me about how she studied abroad in Bordeaux or how she spent her summers in Napa or Tuscany. Instead she just said, “Have you heard of VIVANT?”

“Another wine club?” I asked. Not quite. She described VIVANT as “the Peloton of the wine world.” An educational platform that transports members to wine regions around the world, allowing them to taste a curated selection of responsibly made wines in the comfort of their home. “Oh, and the membership comes with access to a personal Wine Advisor!” My interest was more than piqued.

The next morning, I headed to the VIVANT website to learn more. I was met with immersive imagery, a long list of both live and on-demand classes, and unique Tasting Kits that correspond with said classes. My friend had forgotten to mention that VIVANT only works with organic and biodynamic winemakers, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I decided to sign up. For a really reasonable monthly fee, members get unlimited access to all Experiences, can take advantage of tools to build their Wine IQ, get access to a host of wine experts, and also save 10% on all tasting kits and wines. Since I’m just getting started on my wine journey, I decided to start with the Organic Wine Essentials Experience, which I obviously paired with the Organic Wine Essentials Kit.

When my kit arrived, I opened the chic, compostable packaging and found a rainbow of hard-to-find French wines ready to be tasted. Not only were the wines hard to find, they had also passed VIVANT's rigorous sustainability criteria, which requires that winemakers abstain from chemical-based manipulations, promote fair and equitable workplace practices, and produce wines that are traceable to the provenance of the grapes.

The six 100ml tubes (recyclable, of course) are designed for two people, so I invited a friend to join. At 7:00pm we logged in and joined the 30 minute tasting during which one of VIVANT’s experts introduced us to their Interactive Tasting Method, shared why choosing biodynamic and organic wines is so important, and explained how VIVANT selects their world-class winemakers. It was the first time I felt like I was beginning to get a grasp on this whole wine thing. I was hooked.

I’ve already signed up for the Food & Wine Pairings Essentials Experience, where we’ll learn pairing techniques to bring out the best in both the food and the wine, and I’m (not so) patiently waiting for my Tasting Kit to arrive. With VIVANT’s help, I will pick up on that stone fruit. I can just feel it.

I’ve already signed up for the Villages of Alsace Experience, where we’ll travel to the hills of Alsace and meet the new generation of organic winemakers. I’m (not so) patiently waiting for my Tasting Kit to arrive. With VIVANT’s help, I will pick up on that stone fruit. I can just feel it.

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