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How One Single Product by Duonamic Replaced My Entire Gym Routine

(Updated 5/9/24)

Since starting my career, one of my biggest challenges has been finding the time and energy to get in a good workout after long hours at the office. In my early 20s, I could usually squeeze in a trip to the gym before or after work, but as I got older and work became more demanding with greater responsibilities and lots of travel, I was lucky to get to the gym twice a week. Not only was I noticing a change in my body, I also saw a drastic change in my energy level, mood, and stress level. I knew that something needed to change and I needed to make exercise more of a priority, but I couldn’t see a realistic way to make it happen with my schedule. Until I discovered the Duonamic pull up system.

While scrolling through Instagram before boarding yet another flight for a work trip, I came across a post from a fitness trainer I follow who was showing a full upper body workout using a single doorway exercise tool called the Duonamic Eleviia - think pullup bar but way, way better. I was intrigued - getting to the gym after a long day (especially while traveling) wasn’t very realistic, but if there was a portable fitness product that I could use at home or even take on the road with me, getting in consistent workouts would be much more doable. I made a mental note to do some research on Duonamic later that night at the hotel. 

I started looking at reviews and videos of people using the Eleviia to get a better understanding of how it worked. It’s a tool that  comes completely assembled out of the box and door frame installation takes less than 10 seconds (7.92 seconds to be exact, according to the website). It’s designed with a specialized spiral spring that keeps the Eleviia safely secured on your doorway and is made with incredibly strong aerospace composite material that’s also lightweight and portable.

I was impressed by the versatility of the Duonamic Eleviia for training your upper body and getting a great workout at home. It comes with different attachments for different exercises, including climbing and gymnastics. The wide variety of exercises I saw people doing was really inspiring, and it seemed like the Eleviia could replace almost all of the equipment I normally used at the gym.  When I learned that the system is carry-on friendly and I could take it with me on work trips, I was sold. 

I placed an order and was excited to see if the Eleviia could help me get back into a healthier routine. When it arrived I was really impressed with the easy set up - the website wasn’t lying, it really did just take a few seconds. It’s designed with a specialized spiral spring that keeps the Eleviia safely secured on your doorway and is made with incredibly strong aerospace composite material that’s also really lightweight. Eleviia is coated with a soft, non-marking thermoplastic so it won’t damage your doorway or walls, which I especially loved because it meant I could take it on work trips and not worry about damaging my hotel room.

In a lot of the reviews I read, people mentioned that they were getting rid of their pullup bars, and after my first use of the Eleviia I could see why. Eleviia and its ergonomically designed accessories offers an extra degree of freedom so you can position your wrist and elbow in the most comfortable position during your workout. Because of this, you're also able to do much wider variety of exercises like Hanging leg raises, chin ups, deadhangs etc.

(BTW, this is my son using Eleviia better than I can)

I got in a quick, thorough workout, and the next day I could definitely feel it. But I was excited to have this convenient tool to help me get back in shape even with my crazy schedule. My Eleviia quickly became my work travel must-have. Weighting just 3.5 pounds, I could throw it in my carry on with plenty of room for my other stuff and know that I’d be able to maintain my workout routine even while traveling. 

If you’re a busy professional who is struggling to maintain your fitness routine with a hectic work schedule, give the Eleviia from Duonamic a try. Whether you want to get in a quick workout before heading out the door in the morning or you want to come home after a long day and do an effective workout from the comfort of your home, Eleviia will help you do it. I’ve noticed increased strength in my arms, back, and core. My mood, focus, and stress levels have also improved because Eleviia helps me to maintain a consistent fitness routine when and where it’s convenient for me. Order yours today. You won’t be disappointed.


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