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How Our Shelter Saves Over $2,000 A MONTH With In Food Costs

dog smiling

Our shelter, a sanctuary for abandoned and rescued dogs, has always been committed to providing the best possible care for animals. Offering meals, shelter (and lots of love!) for up to 20 dogs at a time, food was always our biggest expense.

Initially, we relied on store-bought kibble, believing it to be the most feasible option for feeding a crew of our size. But even by choosing what we thought was the cheapest option, the financial strain was real. We were spending close to $980 weekly to nourish our 20 dogs, each consuming an average of 2 pounds of food per day. Yikes. For a cash-strapped shelter, that was so much money.

We wanted to find a more cost-effective solution. Ideally, one that was healthier for the dogs as well. Were we crazy to even voice this dream? Perhaps, but we had to try.

Our quest for a sustainable yet nutritious feeding solution led us to ChefPaw, a first-of-its-kind dog food maker that promised to provide healthy, homemade meals and significantly slash our feeding expenses. Skeptical but hopeful, we placed an order and embarked on a new canine culinary adventure. 

chefpaw and raw food

ChefPaw, with its promise of $1.81 per pound of homemade, nutritious dog food, was a game-changer. By using ChefPaw to feed our group of 20 pups, our weekly food cost plummeted to a mere $506. The math was undeniable – ChefPaw offered us a weekly savings of $474, an amount that could be redirected to medical care, facility improvements, and rescue operations.

But ChefPaw offered more than just financial relief. The health benefits of switching to homemade, nutritious meals were evident. The dogs in our care began to show improved energy levels, shinier coats, and overall better health.

dog eating food

The transition to ChefPaw's diet was met with enthusiastic approval from our canine residents, who relished their meals with newfound zeal. Plus, we saw adoption rates increase because our dogs were now healthier, more energetic, and looked great. Even Sally, a sweet senior who had been with us for over 18 months, found her forever home not long after we started using ChefPaw! 

Utilizing ChefPaw in a shelter setting has not only proven to be economical but also a testament to our commitment to providing the best for the dogs in our care. It has allowed us to reallocate resources towards enhancing the lives of our current and future residents, ensuring that every dog that comes through our doors receives the love, care, and nutrition they deserve.

dog smiling

ChefPaw has been nothing short of a game-changing for our shelter. It has enabled us to feed our dogs healthier, homemade meals while generating substantial cost savings. It shows that providing quality care for our furry friends doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag.

For shelters looking to optimize their operations without compromising on care, ChefPaw presents an unparalleled solution that benefits both the dogs and the caretakers alike.


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