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How Suvie Changed The Way I Feed My Family

When I was in my 20s, one of my favorite things to do was find a fun new recipe, head to the store to pick up ingredients, and then open a bottle of wine and spend a few hours preparing and cooking a delicious meal for myself and friends. Fast forward 10 years, add two kids, a dog, and a demanding job and those days of leisurely cooking seem far (far, far) away. I found that cooking had become a stressor instead of the relaxing activity it had once been. As a result, I was either throwing together mediocre meals for my family (looking at you, Prego) or ordering greasy takeout that left me feeling bloated and guilty - not a great combo. But with my schedule, the idea of cooking delicious, wholesome meals for my family on a regular basis seemed, well, impossible. Until I learned about Suvie.

A few months ago, I came across an ad for Suvie that touted it as a countertop kitchen robot that could help me save time and cook complete meals for my entire family. Skeptical? Of course. Intrigued? Yes. I immediately started doing my research and reading tons of reviews, which were super positive on the whole. I learned that while you can cook your own ingredients in the Suvie, they also offer flexible meal plans that come in packaging that “eliminates prep and cleanup.” (Um, yes please.) The meals start at $6.99/serving and the website makes it simple to filter by cuisine, allergens, and proteins.

At this point, I was already pretty sold on the Suvie, so when I learned that the company offers a 100-day home trial, I immediately decided to take the plunge. I figured that if it didn’t work out, I could return it for a full refund, but the idea of cooking healthy, delicious meals for my family (without spending hours doing it) was so appealing that I was really hoping it didn’t come to that.

I went with the Suvie System, which includes the Dual-Zone Cooker for proteins and vegetables and the Starch Cooker for rice, pasta, grains, and even coffee. It came with $100 in free meal coupons as well, so I ordered the Meatballs with Gnocchi Marinara and the Miso Ginger Shrimp Grain Bowl.

When I got my Suvie, it was easy to set up and I was surprised at how little counter space it took up. I decided to make the meatballs for dinner that night. All I had to do was scan the recipe card that came with the meal, put the ingredients in the pans, and Suvie did the rest. About 2 hours later, I was serving perfectly seasoned meatballs over delicious gnocchi marinara, and perfectly cooked green peas to my extremely impressed family.

Since then, Suvie has become a staple in our home. We tend to throw a meal in the Suvie in the morning before going about our day - the cool-to-cook technology keeps food refrigerated until it starts to cook, and the app allows me to monitor the progress of the meal from my phone. This means that we come home to hot, perfectly prepared meals without having to lift a finger. Truly game-changing. From baking to broiling, sous-vide to slow cooking, I haven’t yet found anything that the Suvie can’t do well. My family is eating better, spending more quality time together at the dinner table and, ultimately, saving a lot of money by not eating out or ordering takeout nearly as much. Win. Win. Win.

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