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This Supplement Brand Changed My Horse's Life

As any horse owner knows, horses have distinct nutritional needs. If their feed is lacking in critical nutrients, they may begin showing signs of deficiencies, like a decrease in body condition, poor coat, or cracked hooves. That’s exactly what happened to my horse, Dolly, a 22-year-old Thoroughbred who’s appearance started to decline. Her coat was dull and she had noticeably lost muscle and she even had a hard time keeping shoes on earlier this year. Of course, I immediately panicked and my mind went to the worst case scenario.

I called my vet who was able to complete a full exam on Dolly. She said that she was lacking in critical nutrients that are not available in her hay. My vet then recommended I add Horse Guard to Dolly’s diet, saying that she had seen huge improvements in many of her patients who had started taking it. As soon as she left, I went to their website to learn more. I learned that Horse Guard is the most concentrated equine vitamin-mineral supplement on the market and they only use the highest-grade pharmaceutical ingredients in their products.

The reviews of the product from both vets and horse owners were incredibly positive. Tons of owners whose horses were having the same issues as Dolly’s raved about the results, so I was definitely interested in giving it a try. When I learned that Horse Guard is a family-owned business (since 1978!), made in the U.S., and that they have two Certified Equine Nutritionists on staff, I was blown away. Customers with questions can just pick up the phone or send a message through the website and get an answer from their PhD equine nutritionist 5 days a week!

Of course, I had to give it a try. I called the number on the website and was pleasantly surprised (read: shocked) to actually speak with Dr. Kelsey Nonella. I explained the issues I had been having with Buttercup and she recommended that I try their signature product, Horse Guard, to help ensure she was getting enough Vitamin E and selenium to help build back her topline and other muscles. She also recommended the Equine Hoof Guard to help strengthen the hoof wall and fix the issue she was having with throwing her shoes.

I placed an order online and the items arrived within just a few days. I started giving both supplements to Dolly following Dr. Nonella’s recommendations. Within 6 weeks I began to see noticeable changes in both her body condition and my farrier even mentioned a difference in her hooves since our last shoeing cycle. She also seemed to have a more pleasant demeanor and I noticed her coat was much shinier! While the product is on the pricier side, it lasts a really long time and I know that it’s made of the best ingredients with no filler. Knowing that Dolly is getting all of the nutrients she needs to live her healthiest life is worth every penny. I recommend Horse Guard to every horse owner I know. It truly is game changing!


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