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I’ll Be Using This Card Game To Connect With Loved Ones This Holiday

Even though we’re technically more connected than ever (phone, email, social media, etc.), I’m feeling more disconnected than ever. Urgent news alerts constantly pop up on my phone, demands at work distract me, and I feel like I’m being pulled in a million directions.

Yesterday, I felt like I was losing connection - real connection - with the most important people in my life. I was lamenting about this to a friend who said she had been feeling the same way until someone told her about Live Deeply’s Life Stories.

What is Life Stories, you ask? It’s SUCH a simple concept, but the most brilliant things usually are, aren’t they? Basically it’s a card game designed to help you deepen connection with the people in your life. After hearing my friend rave about it, I decided to give it a try this holiday season, to see how it worked with my close friends and family. There are a number of different games available on the website, but I chose Life Stories, which helps to unlock stories and spark meaningful conversations in a fun and easy way.

Each box of Life Stories Cards comes with two decks designed to evoke memories that may have been forgotten or untold. Players draw a card from each deck (Situations + Feelings) and then take turns responding (and listening) to the prompts. I brought the game to our Thanksgiving celebration and decided to break it out after dinner. Some people were a bit hesitant, but I told them it would mean a lot to me and they agreed after pouring another glass of wine.

Pretty quickly, we began sharing and discovering some real gems from our pasts. For example, for the prompt “A time I felt surprise while traveling” my husband shared about a time when he was traveling in South America during college and was attacked by a baby monkey while hiking in the Andes - who knew?? (Don’t worry, he’s fine.) For “a time you felt confident in a job interview” my sister-in-law shared the time when an interviewer for her dream job made a snarky comment in French and she responded with an equally snarky comment in fluent French. Little did he know she had spent her summers in Avignon as a child. She said the look on his face was worth not getting the job.

We enjoyed playing so much that we brought them to a weekend away with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, and we’re excited to break them out again when we host Christmas at our house. Overall, I feel so much closer to the people I played the game with. It really is a perfect way to connect consciously with the people you love (and a perfect gift for the holiday season!).

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