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I Replaced My ED Pills With This Device. Now I Couldn’t Be Happier

I started experiencing ED a few years ago when I hit my early 40s. And of course, I experienced all the emotions that go along with that - lower confidence, anxiety around intimacy, and even some slight depression. I tried to just avoid the topic and hope that it was a blip that would correct itself within a few months. But once it became clear that it wasn’t just a passing thing, my partner encouraged me to look into options that would help us get our intimacy back on track. I had only really heard of pills like Viagra to help with ED, so when my doctor prescribed those, I just accepted it as the only solution.

And they worked. Kind of.

I dealt with some mild side effects, like headaches and slight nausea, but at least I was able to perform again, I told myself. However, there was one thing with the pills that really frustrated me. The timing. I hated that I had to wait at least 30 minutes for them to start working - so much for spur of the moment romance. And I also hated that sometimes they started working too early - like the time my partner and I were out for a nice dinner and I developed an erection that forced us to awkwardly sit at our table long after we’d paid the bill. I felt like a teenage boy who couldn’t get up from his desk when the bell rang for the next class. Mortifying. It always seemed like I was rolling the dice when I popped that little blue pill.

Finally, I got fed up and decided to do some research. There had to be a better option. That’s when I came across MV.Health, a company that makes award winning smart sex toys for men, women & couples. With a focus on keeping the mystery in the bedroom, they offer high tech vibrators designed to help with ED and other sexual health issues.

I took the quick but thorough quiz offered on their website and based on my answers they recommended the Tenuto 2, which promised a “confidence boost in intimate moments.” The Tenuto offers vibration stimulation to the penis and pelvic floor, which is a proven solution to ED. The device also had great reviews from customers who also struggled with similar issues. So I placed an order and tried to wait patiently.

The order arrived quickly and was really discreet - I wasn’t embarrassed about ordering a vibrator but we also didn’t necessarily want to announce it to all the neighbors. I was impressed by the sleek, modern packaging and design. It felt a little bit like unboxing an iPhone.

I’ll be completely honest, when I had gotten the Tenuto out of the box, it was a little intimidating. I wasn’t quite sure where to put what, but after a quick review of the instructions, it became very clear how to use it. The flexible ring can fit almost any penis size and there’s a piece that rests along the perineum. The Tenuto has 4 anatomically placed motors, 16 intensity levels, and 8 preset vibration patterns. So basically stimulation everywhere.

That night I was excited to surprise my partner with the Tenuto, but I was a bit nervous. What if it didn’t work as well as promised? Was I setting myself up for disappointment? I got my parts situated properly and switched on one of the preset vibration patterns. Immediately I felt lightning bolts shoot through my body. My penis quickly stood at attention. As my partner and I got down to business, it was clear that she was enjoying the Tenuto as much as I was. MV.Health says that their products are designed for “your ultimate erection and your partner’s gratefulness.” And after just a few minutes I could tell that they had indeed achieved this lofty goal. 

I won’t go into much more detail here but I’ll just say that my concerns about being disappointed were completely unfounded. The post-coital reverberations lasted long after the explosive orgasms. We lay trying to recover, and I wondered how we had lived without the Tenuto, even before ED. And based on the fact that she was trying to catch her breath minutes later, I was confident that my partner was thinking something similar.

There’s a lot that I love about the Tenuto, but I think my favorite thing is that it’s ready to go whenever I am. No popping a pill and hoping for the best. No more missing out on passionate spur of the moment encounters. And no more embarrassing public displays of erection.

Long story short, Tenuto has completely changed our sex life. Gone are my insecurities about ED and my ability to perform. Gone are awkward intimate moments where I feel like I’m letting my partner down. And gone are the side effects from Viagra. I know this might sound crazy, but I think I’m actually grateful for the ED - without it I wouldn’t have discovered MV.Health, and we wouldn’t have found this simple way to bring back the intimacy and excitement to our love life. If you’ve been taking pills for ED and are ready for a better solution that’s ready when you are, MV.Health’s Tenuto is exactly what you need. Just trust me on this one.

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