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Is Pain During Intimacy Destroying Your Love Life? Try These 4 Things

Few things ruin intimacy like pain. Instead of enjoying sex with your partner, you may find it hard to even get in the mood because of the pain you’re experiencing (or expecting). Thankfully, there are proven ways to eliminate pain so you can have wonderful intimacy again.

Here are 4 ideas that are great at tackling pain:

1. Use Vibratory Stimulation

Vibratory stimulation has been clinically proven to reduce pain during intimacy. Precise

frequency vibrations delivered to the painful areas of the vagina & vulva can provide

pain relief & increase arousal. The leader in this space is the FDA medical vibrator,

Crescendo 2. It was shown to improve Genito-pelvic pain and penetration pain by over

5 times in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

This bendable device delivers medical frequency vibrations, precisely where it’s needed, enabling blood flow, pain relief and increased arousal. This releases trigger & tender points on the labia, vulva and vagina, so you can have pain-free intercourse.

2. Relax With Calming Techniques

Pain can cause a vicious cycle. If you are expecting pain, or fear the pain, you are more

likely to tense up during intimacy, which can actually exacerbate pain. To combat the

anxiety of pain, dedicate time to relax and get in a calm headspace prior to intimacy

with a partner. That may include taking a nice, hot bath, meditation, or solo play with a

discreet device like Poco to slowly build up your arousal and wetness - enabling you to

have pain-free intimacy.

3. Try New Positions

Experimenting with different positions during intercourse may help reduce pain. Being

on top will allow you to control the speed, depth of penetration, and change quickly if

the pain flares up. Similarly, lying on your side with your partner behind you can help

control the depth of penetration and alleviate pain. Tell your partner what feels good

(and what doesn’t) so you can both have the most pleasurable experience.

4. Seek Pelvic Floor Therapy

If these options don’t provide relief, consider seeing a pelvic floor therapist (PT). They

will provide you with a treatment plan including tailored stretches, exercises, or release

techniques to strengthen and relax your pelvic floor. In addition, you will have manual

manipulation of the muscles in and around the pelvic floor area, both internally and


Genito-Pain can be a huge issue for your intimacy and can also have a negative effect on your relationship. Try these tips to reduce your discomfort and invest in doctor-recommended devices that are proven to reduce pain and improve arousal.

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