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Is This Survival Subscription Box The “Reel” Deal?

When the pandemic started, I found myself spending way more time outside, learning to enjoy nature in a totally new way. It was great for my sanity and my physical health, but I quickly realized that I was equipped for little more than a walk in the park when it came to my survival skills - I didn’t actually have any idea what I was doing. Pitch a tent? Nope. Start a fire? Uh-uh. Bandage a semi-serious injury? Absolutely not. The more time I spent outside, the clearer it became that being able to take care of myself in a variety of situations was a skill that I really should cultivate.

I googled something along the lines of, “Learn how to survive in the woods,” and came across Steel to Reel, a monthly subscription box of survival and preparedness gear. Was something like this really necessary, I wondered? Couldn’t I just go to a big box store, get the basics, and keep them in an emergency kit? Did I need new stuff every month? I was skeptical, but I did my research to learn more about the company.

I quickly learned that, yes, perhaps Steel to Reel was very necessary. The brand was founded by Dakota Meyer, who, in 2007, became one of the youngest school-trained snipers in the Marine Corps. He deployed twice to combat, to Iraq in 2007 and Afghanistan in 2009. Oh, and in 2011 he became the first living United States Marine in 41 years to receive the Medal of Honor. So, I guess you could say he knows what he’s doing. (Read: I would 100% trust him with my life.) This pedigree, along with the fact that all of the products in Steel to Reel’s boxes are hand-picked by veterans and survival experts, automatically made me more interested in the company.

Through my research, I also learned that all of the products in the boxes are name brand gear. No knock offs or cheap items here. Plus, the box is valued at about 30% more than what you pay. Meaning that if you were to buy all of the items individually, you’d be paying a lot more. They also secure all of the products far in advance, so you don’t need to worry about any of those pesky supply chain issues we keep hearing about.

While all of this sounded great, I was concerned that the subscription would be way too advanced for me. Luckily, the company offers multiple options for different levels: Survivor for those just getting into it, Survivor Plus, Survivor Pro, and Survivor Elite. I opted to go with the Survivor box (obviously) and after a year, upgraded to the Survivor Plus. I’m always impressed with the items I receive and look forward to adding to my collection each month.

Steel to Reel was founded to provide a community for those looking to improve their survivability, increase confidence and—ultimately—achieve true self preservation. All of the things I was looking for at the beginning of the pandemic. The goal of the company is to help customers turn difficult circumstances into inconveniences and I can say from personal experience that the subscription has helped me do just that. I have a ways to go before I’m ready for the Survivor Elite box, but I’ll get there.

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