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Laser Hair Removal - Everything You Need to Know

Laser hair removal has been gaining ground recently as a way to permanently get rid of body hair. Although intimidating, the process is quite safe and very effective. If you are looking to bid farewell to tiring hair removal sessions and inconvenient trips to the waxing parlor, then laser hair removal might be a way out for you. But before you book your appointment, here are some things that you need to know.

What does the process of laser hair removal involve?

Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure that uses beams of highly concentrated light into the hair follicle. Once the follicle pigment is destroyed, that destroys the hair too. Before the process, your hair will need to be trimmed to a couple of millimeters over the skin’s surface. Topical numbing agents are applied 20 to 30 minutes prior to the procedure to avoid skin stinging. As per your hair thickness, hair color location of the hair, and skin color, the laser equipment will also differ. Usually, candidates describe the pain as similar to the snap of several rubber bands, and the pain is most felt where the hair is denser.

Are the Laser Hair Removal Results Same for each person?

Not all laser treatments will work for everyone. Generally, people with darker complexions will need to get their laser done from a provider that uses a diode laser device. This ensures the skin’s optimum safety.

Similarly, the results also vary from one individual to the next. However, you can expect the results to last for years or even permanently. After the first session, you might not see any difference. This is because hair loss naturally occurs in a cycle, and laser hair removal targets the follicles in the new-growth phase. For this reason, you will need several sessions in order to continuously destroy new hair growth.

How Should I Prepare for a Session of Laser Hair Removal?

Before undergoing a laser hair removal session, avoid electrolysis, plucking, and waxing for around 6 weeks. That’s because the laser needs to target the hair roots. Moreover, limit sun exposure for 6 weeks pre and post-treatment. Sun exposure makes the treatment less effective.

Why get a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is a long-term and even permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair. It can be used on areas such as the face, legs, arms, back, underarms, and the bikini line. A lot of people opt for this method due to the many benefits it offers:

  • Precision: Lasers can selectively target problem areas with dark patches and coarse hair while leaving the remaining skin untouched.

  • Speed: Each laser pulse only needs a fraction of a second to treat numerous hairs at once. Smaller areas like the upper lips can take a minute to treat, while legs or back may take around an hour.

  • Predictability: The majority of patients experience permanent hair loss after 3 to 5 sessions on average.

Like all medical procedures, getting a laser hair removal treatment requires training and has potential risks. Before booking your appointment, be sure to consult with your doctor or dermatologist.


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