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Looking To Enhance Your Birdwatching? We Share The Tools You Need

Bird lovers know that one of the most common challenges with birding is correctly identifying the birds that you hear in the wild (or in your backyard). There are a number of tools out there to help bird watchers monitor and learn about the birds in their area. But which one is right for you? We’ve tested some of the most popular options out there to see which offers the most robust tools to help you on your birding journey, and we’ve determined what we think is the best combination of products on the market to help you get a holistic understanding of the birds in your area.

Haikubox is an AI-enabled device that connects to your home’s WiFi to monitor the birds around your home 24/7 using their songs and chirps. It then provides you with real-time alerts, sound recordings, and tons of interesting information about the birds it picks up on. For birdwatchers of all experience levels, this tool is an absolute must-have.  

Once it’s set up, Haikubox immediately begins collecting and identifying birds based on the sounds it picks up, and users can access so much information in the app and website. You can listen to recordings and see spectrograms of each bird visit, see stunning images of identified species, view daily counts, and get a ranked list of the birds in your area. There’s also a “Bird Alerts” tool - if Haikubox picks up on your favorite birds (which you select in the app), you’ll get an alert when it’s in the area. 

So how does it work? Haikubox uses BirdNET for Haikubox, a proprietary neural net trained on thousands of bird recordings to help identify anything it hears. Plus, Haikubox users contribute to community science, contributing invaluable data to global bird behavior mapping and climate change studies through a collaboration with the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Haikubox is an incredible tool, but it’s made even better when you combine it with another device - a bird feeder camera. While Haikubox is busy capturing all the chirps and songs in your surrounding area, the bird feeder camera will capture close-up images of the birds enjoying the savory snacks you leave out for them. It gives you a fascinating look at how they move, eat, and react to the stimuli in the environment. Head back to the Haikubox app to discover more bird images, listen to and download recordings, track bird activity, set alerts, share your birds with family and friends, and even download your data. 

Simply put, Haikubox is supercharged birdwatching made easy. And when you combine it with a bird feeder camera, you get up close and personal video from the feeder with all the fascinating educational info in the Haikubox app! If you’re a serious birdwatcher (or an aspiring one!) you’ll love using Haikubox and a bird feeder camera in tandem to learn all about the birds in your area!


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