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Menopause Causing Pain during Intimacy? Get Relief With These 3 Tips

Few things ruin intimacy like pain. You may find that couple-time is not so fun when you’re anxious because of the pain you’re experiencing (or expecting). And this can have implications far beyond the bedroom, affecting your confidence, health & relationships. Thankfully, there are proven ways to eliminate pain so you can bring the intimacy back to your relationship.

Here are 3 scientifically-backed methods for tackling pain:

1. Hormone Replacement Therapy

Going through menopause, the body stops producing estrogen, resulting in vaginal

dryness & pain during intimacy. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is a medication

that contains estrogen. It reduces the symptoms of menopause and provides relief from

pain. While many see improvement, there are potentially side effects, such as breast

pain, rapid weight gain, vaginal bleeding and increased risk of endometrial cancer, so

be sure to discuss with your doctor before starting HRT.

2. Vaginal Moisturizers

When intercourse hurts, vaginal moisturizers can help hydrate & renew the vaginal

tissue. These contain a low dose of estrogen, which helps renew your body’s natural

moisture and reduce friction during intercourse. They are easy to use by inserting

directly into the vagina and most users report an increase in vaginal moisture and a

decrease in painful intimacy. However, they do require continual use, preparation and

proactive planning to see benefits.

3. Vibratory Stimulation

Vibratory stimulation has been clinically proven to reduce pain during intimacy. Precise

frequency vibrations delivered to the painful areas of the vagina & vulva can provide

immediate pain relief & increased arousal. One vibratory device that is doctor-

recommended to treat painful sex and dryness is the FDA vibrator, Crescendo 2. It was

shown to improve genito-pain & penetration pain by over 5 times in a medical study

published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

This device can be bent into different shapes to deliver medical frequency vibrations

precisely where pain is located. This releases tender points on the labia, vulva, and

vagina, promotes blood flow, lubrication production, pain relief and increases arousal.

Unlike medications, there are no side effects, and being a one-time purchase makes it

accessible so you can always have pain-free intercourse.

Painful sex can be a huge issue for your intimacy and impact your relationship. Reclaim your intimacy with your partner and invest in doctor-recommended devices and medicines that are proven to reduce pain and improve arousal.


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