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My Age Spots Had Me Down … Until I Discovered OPTE

For years, I struggled to find the right product to help fade or at least cover up my age spots and sunspots. It was so frustrating when I had a big day around the corner – weddings, reunions, work functions – and I didn’t have the right foundation to help even out my discoloration since I have so many dark spots on my skin. I had to use full coverage products to get the smallest amount of coverage that concealed my age spots, and it’s always been difficult to find the right shade and still make sure my skin looked like my skin – not skin covered with makeup.

When I was talking to my friend who also has been struggling with her hyperpigmentation as well, she recommended OPTE. She too had cycled through dozens of products, but OPTE was different: It actually worked. In her words, it actually camouflaged every single dark spot on her face, but her skin still looked like she wasn’t wearing makeup at all. I could practically feel the joy through the phone as she raved about how fresh and naturally glowy her skin looked.

Obviously, I was skeptical. All these years of empty searches and suddenly she finds the perfect product? It seemed a little too good to be true. But with nowhere else to turn, I decided to give OPTE a shot. I had nothing to lose at that point, right?

What is OPTE anyway?

Little did I know that OPTE is actually an award-winning product (including a Best of Beauty award from Allure!) that’s recommended by dermatologists as a daily solution to correct and reverse the look of dark spots, age spots, sun spots, and more. It seemed too good to be true, so I was so comforted to learn on OPTE’s About Us page that Procter & Gamble spearheaded its development and 500,000 hours went into the making of it.

The inventor of OPTE himself, Thomas Rabe, has also been working in the beauty and skincare sphere for more than 30 years – he even developed a few best-selling foundation products, which inspired him to create a “more targeted solution” with OPTE. His main concern was why people were covering 100% of their faces with foundation when discoloration and imperfections only took up about 5% of their faces.

That’s why OPTE’s Precision Skincare technology actually analyzes your skin, identifies where your discoloration is – in my case, my age spots – and instantly camouflages only those spots by applying the smallest amount of serum that both corrects and fades your spots. OPTE boasts that it uses “97% less product than foundation” on your skin, and trust me, the results are unreal.

The unboxing experience was superb – such beautiful packaging! And the OPTE Customer Care team was so supportive and helpful during my video consultation – it’s a service they provide for all OPTE users to help us hone in on application techniques, but OPTE actually encourages people to set up a video consultation with them even without an OPTE purchase yet. Something I love about OPTE is that they also encourage people to take their skincare quiz to make sure OPTE is right for you to begin with.

When I use OPTE, my skin looks like I’m wearing literally nothing, yet all of my age spots and sun spots are completely camouflaged. It’s the most natural no-makeup makeup look I’ve ever seen on my skin. Even my sister complimented me when I hung out with her and asked me what I was doing differently.

The OPTE formula also stayed put through my spin class (something I could never say about my foundation!) and doesn’t transfer to my mask. Ever since I started using my OPTE, I can confidently say I no longer use foundation – though I still use concealer under my eyes. I’m hooked.

Currently, I am only using OPTE as a daily foundation replacement, but it also claims to fade my age spots and dark spots in just a few weeks with daily use – it’s because the serum inside has 5% niacinamide. I’ll have to report back when I examine my skin in a month, since I’ve definitely been using OPTE every day and am wishing and hoping to see my spots fade. I’m feeling optimistic from the customer reviews on the OPTE website, and my friend said she’s been seeing her own dark spots begin to fade after just 6 weeks of using OPTE.

OPTE costs $599 with the first serum included for free. I know, I know, it sounds expensive, but that’s a bargain compared to what I was spending on other products that didn’t offer the same results – and ease – as OPTE. I’m currently using OPTE instead of foundation and my occasional tinted moisturizer, and I’m hoping the spot-fading results will mean that I no longer have to spend money on dark spot serums and all those other products I tried that didn’t work. I’ve spent so much more than the cost of OPTE each year testing serums, treatments, and moisturizers that just don’t deliver (yes, I’m a Sephora Rouge shopper!).

I’m paying for excellence and simplicity.

OPTE is designed to be used five days a week and it takes just five to seven minutes per day. That’s it! Those extra few minutes are more than worth it considering the results.

I’m so thankful that my friend found this amazing product and sent it my way. I have a wedding in a few weeks and my stress level is at an all-time low. I know my skin is going to look so glowy and natural, yet completely spot-free – all thanks to OPTE. My only regret is that I hadn’t been using it years ago!

I’m no longer concerned with my age spots and sunspots. Find out for yourself what a difference-maker OPTE can be and take their quiz.

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