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My Sleep Was Suffering. The Solution Came From The Last Place I’d Expect

I’ve always been pretty active and relatively energetic, however once I turned 40 and had my second kid, my body experienced a shift. I noticed a lot of changes in my body and overall energy. It’s like everything happened all at once. I felt more tired, my sleep was off and I just didn’t feel like myself. Obviously most of these changes can be attributed to having children and managing the day to day as a busy mom. I wanted to make some serious changes and did some research as I looked to take back my health.

Discovering Nella: A Personal Journey to Better Health

The first thing I did was move more and ease back into a solid workout regimen, but I really wanted to make a lifestyle change. In the midst of juggling motherhood, work, and a desire for improved well-being, I stumbled upon the world of gut health. I didn’t know much about this world, but soon learned about how important it is to take care of your gut microbiome as these microscopic guys inside us hold the keys to more than just digestion – they influence sleep, energy, even mood! I started to look into different gut health solutions and wanted a probiotic that was easy to take, clean, and truly science backed with REAL RESULTS. I also wanted something that had specific benefits - not just a one size fits all kind of solution.

The Skeptic Turned Believer: My Nella Experience

My first week using Nella was met with skepticism and some initial discomfort. I didn’t notice a difference and experienced some side effects. I had some gas and bloating but I was prepared for this- the packaging mentions that this is common as Nella starts optimizing your gut biome. I felt a little backed up but after month 1 and 2 I noticed a positive difference! Bloating was a big issue for me especially after childbirth, but since taking Nella I have minimal bloating and my gut actually feels healthier. Most evenings I’m able to sleep through the night, I feel more refreshed in the morning, and less “heavy”.

Decoding Health with Nella: A Closer Look

I started learning more about the brand to see if it could be as good as it sounded. Nella is based on a cool, innovative idea that emerged from research at Harvard Medical School. Founded by a biomedical scientist and former athlete, Nella works to optimize your gut health for physical and mental well-being by studying and translating the microbiomes of the most fit people in the world.

So what does that actually mean? In my research, I learned that most probiotics use strains that are decades old and sourced from food, soil, & baby poop. Nella is decoded & translated from some of the world’s super performers. According to the founder and CEO of Fitbiomics, Jonathan Scheiman, “Elite phenotypes (super performers) represent the 0.01% of the human population in terms of optimal health and physiology. We decode their microbiomes and translate that biological information into next-generation health solutions for every body."

Conclusion and the Journey Beyond with Nella as a Daily Habit

Nella isn't just a probiotic; it's a game-changer. It's like I tapped into a secret reservoir of energy and well-being I didn't know existed. Nella has become a staple in my everyday routine now. I have stuck with it for more than 2 months. After all, it's not just about finding a probiotic, it's about discovering a partner in your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life and I highly recommend it!

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