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This Device Took Our Relationship To The Next Level

After being with my partner for over 5 years, we noticed that things in the bedroom had gotten a bit stale. Not bad, mind you, but just a little bit… boring. Wanting to be proactive and not get into too much of a rut, we decided to explore some sexual health products that might help spice things up. I’ll be honest, this was our first foray into vibrators, so we were immediately overwhelmed by all of the options. We quickly decided to focus on more premium products - after all, we’re grown ups. We wanted to invest in ourselves and each other. That decision really narrowed things down and is how we came across MysteryVibe. The brand was created to help keep the ‘mystery’ in the bedroom, especially after major life events like childbirth, menopause, cancer treatment or surgery, and to address sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction and pain during intimacy. (We just assume that they forgot to add “5 year anniversary” to the list.)

We took the quick but thorough quiz offered on their website and based on our answers they recommended the Tenuto 2, which promised the ”ultimate couple climax, over & over again.” Sounded good to us. We placed an order and tried to wait patiently. The order arrived quickly and was really discreet - we weren’t embarrassed about ordering a vibrator but we also didn’t necessarily want to announce it to all the neighbors. We were impressed by the sleek, modern packaging and design. It felt a little bit like unboxing an iPhone.

I’ll be completely honest, when we had gotten the Tenuto 2 out of the box, it was a little intimidating. We weren't quite sure where to put what. But after a quick review of the instructions, it became clear. The flexible ring can fit almost any shaft size and there’s a piece that rests along the perineum. The Tenuto 2 has 4 anatomically placed motors, 16 intensity levels, and 8 preset vibration patterns. So basically stimulation everywhere.

That night we excitedly gave it a try. I got my parts situated properly and switched on one of the preset vibration patterns. Immediately I felt lightning bolts shoot through my body. As my partner and I got down to business, it was clear that she was enjoying the Tenuto 2 as much as I was. MysteryVibe says that their products are designed for “your ultimate erection and your partner’s gratefulness.” And after just a few minutes I could tell that they had indeed achieved this lofty goal.

I won’t go into much more detail here but I’ll just leave you with this. The post-coital reverberations lasted long after the explosive climax. We lay trying to recover, and I wondered how we had lived without the Tenuto 2. And based on the fact that she was trying to catch her breath minutes later, I was confident that my partner was thinking something similar.

A few other things to note. The Tenuto 2 is app-controlled via Bluetooth from up to 10 meters away. In addition to the preset vibration patterns, you can create and save your own, which we haven’t tried yet, but will explore once we’ve had some more practice. The Tenuto 2 is also shower-proof for those looking for even more adventure. Long story short, the Tenuto has completely changed our sex life. Get this vibrator. You (and your partner) will thank me.


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