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OPTE: The Hybrid Skincare-Makeup Printer that Targets Your Dark Spots

I’m not a heavy makeup kind of person, and unfortunately for me I also have a good amount of dark spots on my skin. They’re mostly from the sun, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also some aging dark spots... There’s really no good solution here other than to go bare-faced and feel insecure about my blemishes, or layer on foundation that makes my face feel like a birthday cake.

For years I’ve accepted this sad reality, which is why OPTE seemed way too good to be true – turns out it’s just. That. Good. Here’s everything you should know about the product:

1. OPTE is an all-in-one skincare device made for skin with hyperpigmentation (includes age spots, sun spots, and dark spots). It was created over 500,000+ work hours by dozens of engineers and scientists who wanted to find a more targeted solution to such small dark marks.

The device itself is a wand that you glide along your face where there are dark spots – and the serum it "prints" onto those spots makes them disappear in minutes. OPTE also uses very little of the product (97% less than foundation) so your skin still looks like just skin, rather than a face full of makeup.

The Precision Skincare technology inside the OPTE uses a high-speed camera that captures 200 images of your skin per second, then analyzes your skin to detect areas of discoloration and uneven tone, on the spot. It then corrects these spots and visibly fades them by applying the serum only to those spots. The serum has 5% niacinamide, and finally targets the barely visible skin discoloration that you might not even see and fades those too, preventing any more visible dark spots.

They break down the steps really well on their website so you know exactly what’s going on: OPTE scans, detects, corrects, and prevents. Okay, all on the same page? Moving on.

2. It’s the perfect mix of skincare and makeup. OPTE’s keyword is “camouflage” - instead of concealing or covering your skin (like so many makeup brands promise), OPTE uses 120 thermal ink-jet nozzles to apply Optimizing Serum by the picoliter - new word for me too, it means one trillionth of a liter - directly to your dark spots.

Because it’s so targeted and doesn’t take a full face of concealer or foundation, I was left with even-toned skin that just looked fresh and healthy. Think wake-up-and-leave-the-house kind of skin.

3. The OPTE Optimizing Serum was formulated in Japan (and they know skincare) and is made up of only 11 ingredients; its key ingredients are: 5% Niacinamide (vitamin B3), propylene glycol, iron oxide, and titanium oxide. These gentle yet powerful ingredients combine to fade hyperpigmentation, camouflage, and moisturize the skin. The rest on the list are just as important, because they work to enhance these key ingredients.

It’s also important to note that their Optimizing Serum is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, fragrance, talc, mineral oil, and any animal-derived ingredients.

4. Not only does the Optimizing Serum and technology correct and camouflage your dark spots, it also prevents future dark spots from appearing. As it scans your dark spots, it also targets the subtlest skin discoloration (that might not even be visible to you yet) and delivers spot-fading skincare directly to that spot, basically stopping it in its tracks and preventing it from becoming visible at all.

5. There’s no getting away from it: this technology is expensive. BUT, after doing some quick math of just how much skincare and makeup (and just how much of it) I get throughout the year, the numbers added up much more quickly than I care to admit. It’s easy to spend medium amounts of money on high-end makeup because it feels both necessary and like a treat - the problem is you don’t notice those dollars adding up throughout the weeks, months, and years of your life.

It’s time to invest in one product that works.

Special offer for our readers: Get OPTE's Optimizing Peptide Moisturizer ($90 value) free with purchase of the Precision Skincare System using CODE: LUXE1. You must have both in your cart to receive the discount.


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