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Skeptic No Longer: Kindra is the Key to Menopause

Look, menopause can be challenging. And between hormones changing, hot flashes, body fluctuations, and general discomfort, it's so easy to feel like there's no time and energy left for figuring out solutions to things like vaginal atrophy. Do you know what that is? It's the thinning, drying, and overall irritation of the vaginal walls thanks to the drop in estrogen levels. It's a totally natural thing that happens, it's just... not the most comfortable.

Add onto that, my sex life has taken on whole new challenges right now. Things that felt so pleasurable even just a year ago, are now painful because I'm itchy, dry, and irritated for a lot of the day. It's so easy to feel like I'm alone in this feeling, but when I finally broke down to a girlfriend of mine and confided in her about everything, and I mean everything, she said she was feeling the exact same way.

It was amazing to suddenly have a partner through all of this, and even better, she said she had the solution that I was just too tired to seek out myself. But when she told me what it was – Kindra's vaginal lotion – I felt my heart drop, and I was instantly deflated. Lotion? That’s it? To say the least, I was skeptical about the idea that lotion would fix all the symptoms I was feeling, and even if it did, it would probably have to be reapplied too many times throughout the day for me to even enjoy being out.

I ended up trying Kindra because, at this point, I had absolutely nothing to lose.

After looking into it, I discovered that Kindra offers an entire line of products that ease perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, including wellness supplements and lotion.

They also have a mission that I love: to destigmatize talking about menopause and empower people experiencing hormonal changes to care for (and love) their bodies. They have an online community of women supporting other women, with super informative blog articles and a Facebook group called “Menopause Support and Straight-Talk”, where you can connect to others going through the same thing.

After taking their online quiz and figuring out which of their products were best for me, I bought their daily lotion and applicator. You can really tell that Kindra products are made by women for women; the applicator is easy to hold and intuitively designed, and the lotion is light, non-greasy, and super hydrating. It was easy to use; I just applied 1 pump of lotion to the tip of the applicator, applied to the tender skin down there, and washed the applicator to store in a convenient pouch for next time. I honestly couldn’t believe it—I immediately felt some relief. After using the lotion for a week, I ended up using 2 pumps of lotion instead of 1, and then I totally understood what my friend was raving about. Kindra products are also formulated with clinically-studied ingredients, and are OB/GYN approved. I like that their products are estrogen-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free, made for even the most sensitive skin.

After using the lotion as needed for a few weeks, my symptoms completely disappeared. No more shifting uncomfortably in my seat and looking like I need to go to the bathroom, no more fear of intimacy, and no more mental monologues about the terrors of menopause.

The verdict is in: Kindra works. Kindra does an amazing job of creating an open platform and welcoming community for those of us dealing with it, and they’ve created products that work, making menopause a little less daunting.


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