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The Best Balls.Co Trimmer To Tame Your Man Mane

Guys, we all have that one personal grooming task that we dread. For some it’s a back wax. For some it’s trimming nose hairs. For me that’s taking care of my down-there hair. My man mane. My short and curlies. (See, I’m avoiding it now by trying to list as many names for my pubes as possible.) I find trimming my balls to be one of the more unpleasant tasks in life. But alas, most women prefer that a man groom down there at least a little bit, and my girlfriend is one of them, so I do it.

After years of trying to manscape with scissors (yikes!) or a razor (ouch!) I decided to look for a better way. I had avoided investing in a ball trimmer because I didn’t want to spend extra money on something I hated so much. But then my girlfriend pointed out that if I bought something specifically for the purpose of ball trimming, it might make the process more bearable. I googled “ball hair trimmer” and came upon the aptly named company Balls, which was “founded after an awkward conversation with a family member about the use of kitchen scissors on his manhood.” These guys understood where I was coming from.

The first thing I noticed when I went to the website was the 4.8 star rating with almost 1,000 reviews. Good start, Balls. Reading a bit more about their BALLS™ Trimmer, I learned that they use top-quality micro trimming ceramic blades for precise trimming, and a 6,200RPM motor ideally tuned (not too fast, not too slow) to trim groin hair of all textures and thicknesses. The trimmer also has “SackSafe Guards” that fit over the blades to prevent any cuts. They’re so confident that they offer a “Nick your sack, send it back” guarantee - if you experience any snags or cuts, they’ll take care of you, no questions asked. I was sold and decided to place an order.

Even with all the supply chain issues going on, my BALLS Trimmer arrived pretty quickly after I placed my order. The company offers free shipping on all orders, which is a nice perk. The packaging was discreet, so the nice elderly couple who lives across the hall weren’t scandalized by my purchase. When I unwrapped my package (the trimmer, that is), I was impressed with the quality - it seemed really sturdy and well-made, but would it pass the pube test?

After charging the trimmer with the USB charging cable that it came with, I got into the shower to give it a go. (Don’t worry, the BALLS trimmer is waterproof and can be used wet or dry.) I won’t go into too many details, but what I will say is that this thing is nuts (see what I did there?). I stepped out of the shower a new man. The micro-trimming teeth glided over my sack like it was a newly-paved road, providing a smooth trim with no snags whatsoever. A task I once hated with all my being was now quick, easy, and painless. Dare I say that my life was forever changed? I felt refreshed, I looked great - if I do say so myself - and my girlfriend definitely took notice.

If you are at all unhappy with your current grooming routine, this is your solution. Simply put, the BALLS Trimmer just works. With the Balls Blade Subscription, which I highly recommend, you’ll get a new blade sent to you each month, sharp, lubricated, and ready for action. Don’t let your balls go another day without Balls.

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