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The Top 3 Investing Apps for Beginners in 2020: How Anyone Can Become an Investor

The stock market is where buyers and sellers trade investments in companies open to free trade. While investing has always been seen as an elite trade, companies as of late have small scale investing accessible on your iPhone.

Investing apps are the new trend in personal finance, with platforms like Acorns and Robinhood giving beginners a great option to dip their toes in investing. Micro-investing apps make it, so people don't need a lot of capital to start buying shares. As more options become available to everyday people, it's reasonable to contemplate whether investing is the right choice.

But the amount of investing apps for beginners to choose from is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have plenty of opportunities to make your start with investing; but on the other, it's hard to decide which app is best for you.

In this article, we've narrowed down the best investing apps for beginners. When researching this article, we decided on the best money management programs by comparing investment selection, account fees, account minimum, trading costs, and more.

Top 3 Investing Apps for Beginners

Robinhood: The Beginner's App for Investing

Robinhood is an excellent investing app for beginners because of the low trading costs and ability to trade amounts of cryptocurrency smaller than other competitors. They don't charge commissions on trades, and you have the option of buying individual stocks or bundles (ETFs)

Other cryptocurrency platforms require trade minimums for their users. These low costs allow amateur traders to learn over time, without burning cash in the process. Since new investors are only looking to trade small quantities, Robinhood has found success over the last couple of years. If you have a low balance, Robinhood is a great way to get some experience with trading without making any long-term decisions.

Robinhood Investment App

  • Trade Stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency

  • No minimum balance

  • No commissions, fees, or per-contract fee

  • Invest in cryptocurrencies and exchange-traded funds

  • Intuitive app and web-based trading

  • Best investment app for iPhone

Acorns: One of the Best Apps for Money Management

One of Acorn's best features is connecting a card to the app. Afterward, the tool will sweep your purchases, meaning it'll round every purchase to the next dollar. Then you can put that money into your account.

The reason this app ranks below Robinhood is that Acorns charges fees for managing your investments. If you keep smaller amounts in your account, this can eat at your balance. However, features like IRA recommendations and educations content make this app an excellent start for beginners.


  • Invest spare change by linking

  • No minimum to set up an account, but Acorns requires $5 to start investing

  • Educational content de-codes jargon for beginner's

  • Higher tier subscription includes IRA recommendations and recurring retirement contributions

SoFi Active Investing: The Investing Website for Novices

Since its simple to use the platform, SoFi Active Investing one of the apps for investing beginners looking for hands-on experience trading individual stocks. Active Investing doesn't charge any fees to buy or sell shares. With no trading commissions and educational materials, SoFi has found a home with even intermediate and advanced traders.

SoFi recently announced that it no longer requires account minimums, which is an excellent opportunity for novice traders.

As a money management program, Active Listening is as reliable as they come. While using SoFi's platform, they also offer free educational information and market updates. You can learn as you go, and feel secure knowing you're getting a fair deal.


  • No minimum balance requirement

  • Trade Stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, fractional shares

  • No fees to buy or sell stocks

  • No commissions

  • Market updates and alerts

  • Educational resources


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