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The Viral Holiday No One Has Heard of, but Everyone Will Be Talking About

It’s 2022, there are billionaires in space and milk made from oats on every shelf, yet 73% of women still don’t know the difference between the vagina and the vulva. Up and coming menopause-brand, Kindra, saw this as the perfect opportunity to inform, empower, and educate, through a simple, but totally viral social media challenge. In observation and celebration of World Vagina Appreciation Day (yes, that’s a holiday and we’re here for it!), Kindra is launching the #VYourself Campaign, encouraging people to appreciate the V through body literacy. The Buss it and Crate Challenges are so 2021. On April 23rd, you can expect your Instagram-feed to be flooded with selfies of people showing off their V.

“There is a huge gap in knowledge around the anatomy of the female genitalia, one that has concerning ramifications for women’s health and wellness,” says Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, Kindra Founder and CEO. “Awareness and advocacy is integral to our mission of empowerment for people who experience the hormonal shifts changes of menopause. With greater knowledge, we can achieve greater care for our bodies—safely, effectively, and holistically through science-backed solutions.”

Want to join this movement to get more critical knowledge in the hands of girls and women?

Participating is easy:

  1. Snap a selfie with your fingers in a “V” or “peace sign” pose (palm facing out!) ✌️

  2. Caption it with your V. Like: V Strong, V Dry, V Good Sex, V Powerful.

  3. Hashtag your photo with #VYourself.

  4. Post! And tag a few friends to participate.

Need a little inspo? These women are all V Ready for Saturday’s launch:

Be sure to follow along at @ourkindra - you may even be pleasantly surprised to find your V featured.

Whether you’re V Strong, V Dry, having V Good Sex, or feeling V Vulnerable, Kindra’s Know Yourself, V Yourself campaign helps women, wherever they are in the journey, feel V seen and V cared for.

Visit Kindra’s website to learn more about how this revolutionary menopause brand is empowering and supporting women through mid-life.


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