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This Clean Skincare Brand Got Rid Of My Acne AND Dark Spots

You know when that pimple that’s been hanging around for the past 5 days is finally going away. And then you realize it’s left a dark spot behind to remind you of its presence? And then you get another pimple and you have no clue what to put on your face because you thought the treatment for acne and dark spots was totally different? Well, great news. You thought wrong.

I dealt with this for years and felt so frustrated all the time. I either had pimples or dark spots - usually both (so fun! 🙄). I tried everything: spot treatments, lasers, red light treatment, strategically putting one product on active breakouts and a different product everywhere else. I invested in the most expensive products and treatments I could find because I thought throwing money at the problem would help. (Spoiler alert - it didn’t. And many times it did more damage.)

Then a friend told me about the Acne Treat & Fade Bundle from Blume. She and I were meeting for coffee after not seeing one another for about 6 months. The first thing I noticed was that her skin was absolutely glowing, and the acne scars and dark spots she had always felt self-conscious about were gone. “What foundation are you wearing?” I asked, marveling at her smooth complexion and how natural it looked.  “I’m not!” she replied! “I have to tell you about Blume, the brand I’ve been using.”


Fight Acne With Proven Results

So what was this apparent miracle product that has transformed her skin in just a few months? Let’s start with the brand. Blume offers award winning, clean and uncomplicated skincare formulated with acne-prone and sensitive skin in mind. Their Acne Treat & Fade Bundle includes two of the brand’s most popular products, the Milky Fade Serum and the Meltdown Oil, which work together to fight acne while fading dark spots and scars.


After seeing my friend’s results, I placed an order immediately. I was eager to see if this duo could pull off what all the other treatments had failed to do. Reviews that said things like “This stuff is amazing. Like actually liquid gold,” just solidified my decision to give it a try for myself. 

I ripped open the box as soon as my order arrived. After washing my face, I applied a thin layer of the Milky Fade serum to my entire face. I really liked the lightweight texture and I loved that it was packed with natural actives like niacinamide, Centella Asiatica and Vitamin C, meaning that it would repair overall complexion not just reduce scars (even though that was one of my main concerns!).

I followed the serum with a drop of the Meltdown Oil, which works to clear acne and congestion without compromising hydration. I loved that I just needed a tiny amount and that it absorbed beautifully, leaving my skin glowing, not greasy. One user said of the Meltdown Oil, “This is the “holy grail” for acne sufferers.” 

In just a few uses, I noticed reduced redness and improved hydration. After a few weeks? I felt like a new person. Unlike other acne treatments that left my skin dry and flaky, my skin was hydrated and smooth.

Plus, my breakouts are almost completely gone - and when I do get the occasional pimple, usually around the time of my period, a dab of the Meltdown oil before bed basically makes it disappear overnight. Combine this with the fact that my dark spots have drastically faded thanks to the Acne Treat & Fade Bundle and I am a convert. If you struggle with acne, dark spots, or both, give Blume a try. If your results are even half as good as mine, you’ll be thrilled.

Update: Blume has shared a special offer with our readers!


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