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This Holiday Gift Is A Must-Buy and Game-Changer for Couples’ Intimacy

After being with my wife for 10 years and having 2 kids, things in the bedroom had really died down. Gone were the days of snuggling in bed in the mornings, spontaneous intimate moments, or sexy date nights. Not only did we not have any free time, we were both always exhausted. We knew it was an issue we needed to address, but just couldn’t seem to find the time. Wanting to be proactive, I thought it might make sense to explore some sexual health products as a surprise for my wife for her birthday.

But I wasn’t really sure where to start. After giving birth, my wife experienced some postpartum vaginal dryness that caused pain during intimacy, so I decided to start there. After searching online, I came across MysteryVibe. The brand was created to help keep the ‘mystery’ in the bedroom, especially after major life events and to address sexual health issues. Sounded like just what we needed.

I took the quick but thorough quiz offered on their website and they recommended the Crescendo 2, which promised “eye-rolling moans” and to “stimulate every inch inside you.” When I learned that it was also clinically proven to improve pelvic pain by over 400%, I was sold. The order came quickly and was really discreet.

That weekend I sent the kids to their grandparents’ and planned a romantic night for my wife. MysteryVibe says that their products are designed to “rocket-fuel” your intimacy.

The award-winning Crescendo is the world's first device designed to mimic your fingers. It's infinitely flexible so you can bend it into multiple shapes. It’s basically 10 toys in one with all the ways it can be adjusted. Plus, it has 6 motors with fully personalizable, precisely targeted vibrations to stimulate all six erogenous zones.

I won’t go into much more detail here but I’ll just leave you with this. After a few minutes of playing with the Crescendo, vaginal dryness and pelvic pain was a nonissue. We lay trying to recover, and I wondered how we had lived without the aptly named Crescendo.

It’s important to mention that while the Crescendo may seem like it’s designed specifically for women, it also can wrap around the penis to offer complete stimulation. In the few months since we first got the Crescendo, we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed this addition to our love life. The excitement is back and we’re being intimate even more than in our pre-baby days. Long story short, the Crescendo has completely changed our intimacy and strengthened our relationship.

With the holidays coming up, I can’t think of a better gift for couples looking to spice things up. It will definitely keep you both warm during the cold winter months and will help you to reconnect with your partner, even after kids and all the other things life can throw at you. We’re willing to bet this will be your partner’s favorite gift this holiday season. Just don’t put it under the tree. Get 35% off during MysteryVibe's Holiday Sale!

You (and your partner) will thank me.


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