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This New Fashion Matchmaker Will Introduce You To Your Perfect Pieces

With so much to choose from out there, it can be hard to find what you actually want. Whether it’s scrolling through your Netflix queue for 45 minutes before just giving up, feeling completely overwhelmed by all the options on Amazon (seriously, why are there hundreds of dog brushes?), or trying to find new pieces for your Winter wardrobe, the paradox of choice suggests that an abundance of options actually requires more effort to choose and can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our choice.

Newly-launched fashion discovery company Shoptrue is tackling the paradox of choice by creating a one stop personal shop that’s created for you and by you. Shoppers know that narrowing down the options to find pieces you really love can be a daunting task, and one that includes spending hours sorting through tons of stuff you don’t like. After taking a simple quiz, Shoptrue’s AI-driven personal recommendations are combined with taste-driven shopping to match people to relevant brands and styles. It’s the only constantly learning fashion marketplace that gives shoppers a singular destination where they can explore thousands of leading brands, curated to their personal style. Here are a few of the categories and styles that Shoptrue curated for me based on my results:

Coats & Jackets

Winter is almost here, so a new coat is a must. The Burberry Black Cape Sleeve Blazer Is exactly the sort of sleek, minimal style I’m gravitating towards right now. I also loved this cozy Sherpa Partedy Jacket from BOSS, and I’ve started wearing it with almost everything.


There’s something about having a pair of chic PJs that really makes you feel like a grown up. Shoptrue recommended the Tekla White Poplin Pyjama Shirt and Maison Kitsuné Whte Cotton Pyjama Shirt, both of which I love and have definitely tried to work into my daytime wardrobe.

Dresses / Skirts

I loved the mix of classic and modern dresses and skirts that Shoptrue curated for me. This Black Poplin Drawstring Dress from Moncler is perfect for work, but can also be dressed up for nice events, and this Rag & Bone silk skirt looks just as good with classic black heels as it does with a combat boot and a blazer.

Jeans / Pants

I thought I knew about most of the denim brands out there, but Shoptrue showed me that I was wrong. They recommended a bunch of brands I wasn’t familiar with, but now really love. These Agolde Black Lana Jeans are perfect to dress up for work or a date, while their Off-White Tapered Jeans are letting me live out my 80’s fashion fantasies.

Casual Shoes / Dress Shoes

I want comfy shoes in the winter and the Boss Black Fleece Romie Slippers are possibly my favorite purchase of the season. And these Gucci Black Jordaan Loafers, which also came up in my curated feed, can make literally any outfit look chic.

Whatever you’re shopping for, Shoptrue is the fashion matchmaker that will help you cut through the noise and find the pieces you will want to add to your wardrobe. Take the quiz today and start shopping the site that makes it easy to get only what you love.

Luxe Blogger Readers are Welcome to Checkout their Quiz.


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