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This Program Helped me Increase My Throwing Velocity & Get A College Scholarship

As soon as I picked up a bat at my first Little League practice, I was completely hooked on baseball. Watching, practicing, learning - I couldn’t get enough. Over the years I spent countless hours perfecting my form and playing at any chance I got. My ultimate goal from a pretty early age was to get a college scholarship, and I thought I was well on my way. I quickly started playing competitively, and was getting great feedback from coaches and trainers.

When I entered high school, however, I sort of hit a plateau. I was still good, but I wasn’t improving as much as I had been and other guys were definitely starting to catch up to me. My dreams of a scholarship were flashing before my eyes. I convinced my parents to let me attend more camps and work with a trainer at the local gym, but I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted (or needed if I was going to get a scholarship). Then I heard about BRX Performance.

At the start of last season, I realized that a teammate of mine had improved an insane amount in the off-season. I asked what camps he had been to and what he had changed about his technique. “Nothing,” he said. “I just got stronger.” He told me that he had been working with BRX Performance, a sports performance facility that specializes in baseball-specific strength and conditioning. They have a huge space in Milwaukee, but also offer online coaching via their app. “I’ve heard from so many recruiters in the past few months,” he told me.

As soon as I got home, I looked up BRX, read the reviews, and watched the before and after videos (which were incredible). I researched the training options available to decide what made the most sense for me. BDS Lite is a free program, which includes video tips, mobile app access, and a sample workout - great for beginners, but not what I needed. BDS System includes structured programs, trainer support, video tips, and a community discussion board, all on the mobile app starting at $99/month. Finally, there’s BDS Individualized, which includes everything in the BDS system plus an assigned 1-on-1 BRX Coach, a strength and throwing assessment, personalized strength and throwing programs, and real time Zoom assessment calls, starting at $89/week.

After seeing my teammate’s improvement, I was ready to go all in and my parents were on board as well. (After all, it was a much smaller investment than the camps I had been begging them to let me attend.) I immediately applied up for the individualized program and started shortly thereafter. Long story short, my training with BRX completely changed my game. I increased my speed and strength thanks to baseball-specific workouts and 1-on-1 guidance from my coach.

My throwing velocity went from 82 mph at the beginning of training to 95 mph in just 8 months! I began to hear from colleges that I never imagined I could play for. And thanks to the BRX team’s support and knowledge, I was able to navigate the recruiting process with confidence. I’m proud to say that I recently accepted a scholarship to a top D1 program and I couldn’t have done it without BRX.


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