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This Shazam For Birds Is My New Favorite Gadget

I fell in love with birdwatching when I was in college in a rural town in Virginia. It was the perfect antidote to long days in the library or the lab, and allowed me to deepen my connection with nature. I loved learning to identify the birds in the area, and knowing what birds were around simply by hearing them. But after I graduated and got into the real world, my bird watching hobby (and my connection with nature) slowly started to dissipate as I spent long days at the office and simply didn’t have time to engage with nature as much.

Then I came across a review in WIRED Magazine for a device called Haikubox, which it called “Shazam for birds.” This AI-enabled device connects to your home’s WiFi to monitor the birds around your home 24/7 using their songs and chirps. It then provides you with real-time alerts, sound recordings, and tons of interesting information about the birds it picks up on. I was so intrigued by the positive reviews (9/10 from WIRED) and the testimonials on the site, that I decided to order one for myself.

When it arrived I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I opened the package and took out a simple 4x6 box with a plug. “Can this thing really do all that it promises?” I thought to myself. But I was excited to get started and see what it was capable of. The set up for Haikubox was incredibly simple. You just plug it in and connect to your WiFi using the Haikubox Connect app, then move it outside to a spot with power and a strong WiFi signal, and you’re good to go!

Haikubox immediately begins collecting and identifying birds based on the sounds it picks up, and users can access so much information in the app and website. You can listen to recordings and see spectrograms of each bird visit, see stunning images of identified species, view daily counts, and get a ranked list of the birds in your area. One of my favorite features is the “Bird Alerts” tool. If Haikubox picks up on my favorite birds (which I select in the app), I’ll get an alert when it’s in the area. If I’m home, I can just grab my binoculars and head outside to catch a glimpse! 

Until getting Haikubox, I had no idea how much incredible birdwatching I was missing right outside my door. As a tech lover, I often feel pulled between keeping up on the latest tech and also wanting to disconnect and just be in nature. With Haikubox, there’s a perfect blend of the two. As WIRED put it, Haikubox is one of the “rare pieces of technology that actually increases your connection to the world around you, rather than cutting you off.” It’s undoubtedly my favorite device I’ve gotten in years. If you’re a nature lover looking to supercharge your birdwatching or simply reconnect with nature, order it today. You won’t be disappointed.

Save $100 on your first Haikubox with a 5-year membership!


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