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This Skimboard Was The Best Thing I Bought Before Our Vacation

Each year my husband, two sons, and I head to the Outer Banks for our annual beach vacation. And I love it. I really do. It’s a great way for us to reconnect as a family and spend quality time together. But it’s not what you would call relaxing. Sometimes I just want to lay on the beach with a cheesy romance novel all day and not have to worry about keeping everyone entertained. In fact, most times when I come back from vacation, I actually feel more exhausted than when I left. But this year I knew I really needed some time to myself and was worried I wouldn’t actually get any on this trip. I was talking to a friend over coffee recently about my stress going away and she said, “You have to check out CAM Watersports. I got one of their Skimboards before our last trip and it kept my kids entertained for days.” My ears immediately perked up.

She sent me the link and as soon as I got home I went online to check it out. CAM Watersports is a family owned business that makes fun and safe skimboards and other items to make your beach day more fun and enjoyable. Now, at this point you may be asking, “What exactly is skimboarding?” Don’t worry, I had the same question. Skimboarding is a water board sport that is similar to surfing, but it’s done close to shore instead of out in the ocean.

My friend had raved about the 2-in-1 Soft Top Skimboard, so I decided to check that out first. The website said the soft top was great for beginners, and could be comfortably used standing, sitting, kneeling, or on your stomach. It’s good for riders up to 90 pounds, which was perfect for my 8 and 10 year olds. It also comes with an anchor and double bungee system with a handle that they can hold on to as they skim across the water. I decided to place an order based on my friend’s review and was excited to see if it lived up to the hype.

Fast forward a few weeks to our vacation. We were heading to the beach our first day there and the boys were so excited to try out the Skimboard. My husband helped them get set up with the anchor and bungee system, and let them have at it. After a few tries, they got the hang of it and were gliding across the water, with laughter and shrieks of joy emanating from the shore every few seconds. They were having a blast and I was able to sit and read my romance novel without any distractions and actually relax for the first time in… I actually don’t remember. It was incredible.

After the first day at the beach, the kids were absolutely exhausted. They hadn’t stopped using the Skimboard all day, except to eat lunch. Shortly after we got home, they crashed for the night and my husband and I were able to enjoy a romantic dinner. (That alone made it worth the purchase price of the Skimboard.) The next day, we did the whole thing over again. When we returned from our trip, I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated, like I had spent the week at the spa.

The CAM Watersports Skimboard is the best purchase I’ve ever made for one of our vacations. My kids had so much fun and my husband and I loved seeing them bond and enjoy spending time outdoors and away from screens. As an added bonus, it can be used at more places than just the beach, so even though we don’t live on the beach doesn’t mean my kids can’t use it when we’re home. After a storm, they immediately grab the Skimboard and start gliding across the big puddles that form in our backyard. If you are looking for a fun way to keep your kids entertained so that you can relax on your next trip, you need to place an order with CAM Watersports. You won’t be disappointed.

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