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This Vogue-Approved Hotel Is My New Hamptons Go-To

Not long ago, I was planning a quick trip to the Hamptons and was having trouble finding the right place to stay. Not because there weren’t any good options - quite the opposite. There were plenty of high end hotels and rentals to choose from, but I was looking for something specific. Something luxurious but understated. Something that was well-located but felt like it was isolated. Something with a sense of community but with none of the “scene” that you can find in the Hamptons.

I came across The Roundtree in Amagansett while perusing Vogue. The article described a picturesque getaway that was “not your typical see-and-be-seen Hamptons resort.” Someone quoted in the article described it as “my favorite place I’ve ever stayed out here.” Needless to say I was intrigued and continued doing my research. I quickly learned that The Roundtree had been named to Travel + Leisure’s list of Best New Hotels for 2021, and also came in at number 41 on their list of best hotels in the world. I was sold.

I picked my dates and went about securing my stay. Making a reservation on the site was incredibly easy. The cottage I chose was pet friendly, and the website even had an option to add 1 or 2 pets to my reservation, meaning I didn’t have to place a separate call to make sure it was ok to bring them. So simple.

When the time came to drive out to Amagansett, I was practically giddy. I couldn’t wait to get out of the city, spend some time in nature and, hopefully, enjoy a few days of complete luxury and relaxation. I arrived with my pups in tow and we pulled into the gravel driveway to find an adorable clapboard house where we checked in. The staff was so nice and quickly helped us to our cottage, where we found dog beds, water bowls, and welcome treats waiting for my fur babies. (Ok, I might have been more excited about this than they were. Can you say service?) The cottage itself was exactly what I had hoped for. Simple, chic, and with all the right touches. Think Frette linens, Matouk Towels, Grown Alchemist bath products, and a Nespresso machine. This was going to be a great trip even if I never left the room.

After settling in, I was excited to explore the property. Coming from Manhattan, The Roundtree’s two lush acres felt enormous. Remember what I said about wanting a place that was well-located but felt isolated? This is exactly what I had in mind. The hotel is literally steps from Main Street in Amagansett, with easy access to shops, restaurants and a farmer's market. It’s also just a mile to the beach. (Pro tip: borrow one of The Roundtree’s stylish beach cruisers to get there quickly and in style.) But when I was on the property, I was in total relaxation mode because it was so quiet and peaceful.

Because the hotel is small (with only 5 stand-alone cottages and 10 rooms) and because they offer complimentary continental breakfast and wine and cheese hour (yes, wine and cheese hour), I quickly started to recognize the other people staying there. There were no forced awkward conversations, and everyone was really like-minded. No one was trying to show off or be at the center of the Hamptons scene. We all just wanted to enjoy the beach, the small town vibes and, of course, that aforementioned wine and cheese hour. I actually became friends with a couple who happen to live a few blocks away from me in the city. Small world.

When I unexpectedly had to do a few hours of work, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the hotel offered standing desks, printers, and a meeting space. But WiFi throughout the property was incredible, so you could just as easily post up at one of their outdoor daybeds for that last-minute Zoom call.

Long story short, I must say I understand the person from the Vogue article who called The Roundtree “my favorite place I’ve ever stayed out here.” The service was amazing, the amenities were great, and the property was beautiful. I was not ready for my stay to end and I can’t wait to go back. To be honest, I’m a bit hesitant to even publish this article. If more people learn about The Roundtree, how will I get another reservation?

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