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Umamicart Now Has a Monthly Snack Subscription Box - Is It Worth It?

A variety of umamicart cart snacks coming out of a box

One of my favorite ways to unwind on weekends is by cozying up on my couch to binge-watch a good show, while also binge-eating some snacks. After all, what’s a Netflix and Chill session without some tasty treats? I’m partial to Asian snacks (and by partial, I mean obsessed), however they’re not always easy to get your hands on, especially when you live in the suburbs. The closest H Mart is about a 40 minute drive from me, and while I do looove my snacks, a 2-hour snack run is pretty hard to justify, no matter how great my love for Salted Egg Chips and Matcha-flavored Kit Kats might be.

So last month, when my friend came over to embark on our long awaited ‘Yellowstone’ marathon, I made sure to stock up on all my favorites. To say that she was delighted (and maybe a little concerned) by my buffet of exotic chips, japanese candy and vietnamese chocolates, is an understatement. “Did you order these from Umamicart?” she proceeded to ask. Intrigued, I stopped what I was doing and proceeded to Google.

I began to scroll through the items on Umamicart’s website and was really impressed by the selection. Not only did they have a vast array of specialty Asian groceries, but they had all my favorite snacks. As I scoured the snack section, I came across a ‘Snack Subscription Box’. Turns out they offer a monthly snack subscription filled with products hand-picked around a monthly theme - this month’s theme: Lunar New Year.

We’ve all heard of beauty subscription boxes, wine of the month clubs, even toy and treat subscriptions for dogs. But a subscription for Asian snacks and sweets? It was a match made in subscription box heaven. I immediately opted for the 3-month prepaid subscription as it’s discounted (they also offer month-to-month as well as a 6-month option with even deeper discounts), placed my order, and not-so-patiently waited for my January Snack Box to arrive.

When it arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement. Not only was it filled with a bunch of delicious treats - both familiar and new - but it also included a cute custom booklet introducing the theme along with details about each product. Too excited to wait until the weekend, I began taste testing the contents of the box, eager to find new and exciting staples to add to my snack repertoire.

Here are some of the items I’m most excited about.

Meiji Green Grape Gummy Choco

Now, I’ve had my fair share of chocolate and fruit combinations - orange, raspberry, blackcurrant, you name it. Chocolate and grape was a new one for me though. These chewy green grape gummies covered in a rich chocolate shell are apparently super popular in Japan, and I completely understand why.

Nongshim Shrimp Crackers - Spicy Flavor

Nongshim Shrimp crackers are a classic, but I’d never tried the spicy flavor before. The added spice at the end of each bite takes these crunchy crackers to the next level.

Daifuku Mochi Black Sesame

My personal favorite, this black sesame mochi has a nutty, toasted flavor with an added crunch from the roasted black sesame seeds. It's addicting and chewy, making it the ideal dessert or snack.

Flying Elephant Roasted Sunflower Seeds

I’m usually more of a roasted nuts kind of girl, but I was pleasantly surprised by these roasted sunflower seeds from Flying Elephant. They have a light, nutty taste and are incredibly fun to munch on. Not to mention, they make for a nutritious and shareable snack!

Kimono Yuzu Sparkling Water

Last but not least, to wash it all down, the Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Water. It’s a delightful blend of freshly squeezed Yuzu juice and Japanese spring water from the Hyogo mountains. Best of all, it contains no added sweeteners and is light and fragrant, making it the perfect accompaniment to your snack of choice.

My verdict? 10/10 would recommend. The Umamicart Snack Subscription Box is delivered the first week of every month, and shipping is free. So not only have I managed to save myself the commute to H Mart, but I also get to enjoy the convenience of having all my favorite snacks delivered at no additional cost.

If January’s box sounded even remotely appetizing to you, you won’t want to miss the February box. Wondering what the theme will be? I’ll give you a hint - chocolate & strawberry.

P.S. First time Umamicart customers get $15 off across their first 2 orders!

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