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We Went Nuts With These Ball Trimmers So You Don’t Have To

Let’s talk about male grooming of the below-the-belt variety for a moment. It’s one of the more unpleasant tasks on most men’s to-do lists, but pubic hair grooming is a trend that’s been growing steadily over the past few years and companies are taking notice. Because we’re dealing with precious items here (aka our balls) we decided to test out some of the top trimmers on the market so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found.


Balls is a UK-based company started by two young entrepreneurs, one of whom is, incredibly, named Tyler Ball. The brand uses top-quality micro trimming ceramic blades for precise trimming, and a 6,200RPM motor ideally tuned (not too fast, not too slow) to trim groin hair of all textures and thicknesses. The trimmer also has “SackSafe Guards'' that fit over the blades to prevent any cuts. Balls is so confident in the product that they offer a “Nick your sack, send it back” guarantee - if you experience any snags or cuts, they’ll take care of you, no questions asked. It’s also waterproof and can be used wet or dry.

I placed an order for the BALLS Trimmer from their website and almost immediately realized I had put the wrong address. I emailed their customer service team and heard back from someone right away letting me know that the address has been updated. Crisis averted.

I tried the BALLS Trimmer in the shower and was really impressed with the results. I found it really easy to use and comfortable to handle. The micro-trimming teeth easily glided over my delicate parts without so much as a pinch or a pull. The result was an even trim that left me feeling like a new man. Since that initial trim, I’ve used the BALLS Trimmer a number of times with similar results and have been pleasantly surprised with the battery life.


Manscaped is a company that was launched in 2016 and offers a variety of grooming products.. My experience with them didn’t start off great. After placing my order, I didn’t receive any notification about shipping for over a week. I reached out but never heard back from anyone, which was frustrating to say the least. Eventually, my order arrived, and I tried to forget about the experience so that I could give a fair review.

The Manscaped LawnMower 4.0 Trimmer has similar specs to the BALLS Trimmer: replaceable ceramic blades, adjustable guards, and waterproof design. Unlike the Balls Trimmer, it offers a wireless charging system and an LED spotlight.

I tried the LawnMower in the shower as well so that I could accurately compare the results. I pinched myself a few times, but no cuts or scrapes. The trim was pretty even, but not quite as good as my results with the BALLS Trimmer. I can see the LED spotlight coming in handy if the room you’re in doesn’t have great lighting (or you’re really getting in there) but for me it wasn’t a must-have.

The Verdict (VERDICKT?)

Both Balls and Manscaped are absolutely preferable to a pair of scissors. But if you’re looking to upgrade your grooming routine for your hair down there, my recommendation would be the BALLS Trimmer. From the time I ordered to the time I dried myself off after that first trim, the process was completely seamless. The trimmer and blades are really high quality, and a process that once took me 30 minutes now takes less than 10. Plus, I’ve never gotten a cut or had any discomfort while using it. I’m a Balls convert.

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