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What To Get The Hard-To-Shop-For Outdoorsman

Each year I struggle with what to get my husband for the holidays. He has plenty of clothes. He has plenty of tech gadgets. He has plenty of cooking gear. And when I ask him what he wants, he just shrugs. He is - and I say this with all the love in the world - the absolute worst to shop for. But one of the things he looks forward to most each year is his annual camping trip with the guys. (Seriously, as much excitement as our wedding day, if not more.) So I decided to lean into that this year. You know, outdoorsy stuff that an outdoorsy guy would like.

Only problem is that I have no idea what outdoorsy stuff to get an outdoorsy guy. That’s where Steel to Reel comes in. This unique subscription box offers survival and outdoor gear, hand-picked by veterans and survival experts, delivered monthly to your door. All of the products are name brand - no knock-offs here - and the value of the box is actually 30% more than what you pay (meaning you’d pay 30% more if you were to buy each item individually).

Steel to Reel has four subscription boxes available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Level 1: Survivor - Perfect for beginners. Includes 3-6 items (EDC gear, Emergency Preparedness Supplies, Fire Starters, Water Filters, Emergency Food, Lighting, Bushcraft tools)

  • Level 2: Survivor Plus - Intermediate level. Includes 5-7 items (Everything in The Survivor level and an assortment of higher value items including Medical supplies, Radios, Deep Woods Camping Equipment)

  • Level 3: Survivor Pro - Great for experienced professionals. Includes 7-12 items. (Everything from The Survivor and Plus, and also receive top tier products including Backpacks, Stoves, Water Purification Systems and Medical Kits)

  • Level 4: Survivor Elite - Expert level. Includes 10-20 items. (Everything in The Survivor, Survivor Plus and The Survivor Pro and an incredible addition of EDC gear, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Lighting Systems, Solar Packs, Medical Kits, Full Survival Kits, Survival Meals, Inflatable Water Crafts)

I decided to order the Survivor Plus subscription for my husband and scheduled it to arrive before Christmas so I could put it under the tree. I was so excited to give it to him. Not only do I think it’s a really unique gift for someone who loves the outdoors and is into survival and preparedness, but I also felt confident that the items would be top quality and would actually be useful because they’re chosen by experts. He absolutely loved the first box, and when he learned that he would be receiving a new box each month, he almost lost it. (Think a kid getting a pony or a trip to Disneyland excited.) This year, he’s the envy of his camping buddies.

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