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Where I Found Everything I Needed For My Lunar New Year Feast

The Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is one of the most important holidays in many Asian countries, including China, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Dating back thousands of years, the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, and is celebrated for 16 days each year. It has come to represent ringing in the new year with prosperity and good fortune, and for many people, myself included, the highlight of the holiday is the New Year’s Eve feast!

The dishes eaten during the Lunar New Year are packed with symbolism and represent the type of year you will have, so it’s important to create a menu that represents prosperity, abundance, and good luck. I’m usually the one in charge of my family’s New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s a bit intimidating, but I make sure to be as prepared as possible. This year I’m turning to online Asian grocer Umamicart to get everything I need. But before I place my order I make sure to carefully craft my menu. (Umamicart’s recipe kits are a great place to turn for inspiration!) Here are a few of the dishes I’m preparing for our family feast.


Symbolizing wealth, togetherness, and heavenly blessings, dumplings are one of the most popular dishes to serve during the holiday. I love these simple and delicious Ingot Dumplings made with pork, ginger, cabbage, and scallions.

Whole Fish

In Mandarin, "fish" is a homophone of "surplus," so including a whole fish on your Lunar New Year menu is saying that the coming year will be full of leftovers and excess in everything from food to money. This Prosperity Fish recipe is not only quick and easy, but savory and comforting as well.


Noodles represent longevity, and are a staple at Lunar New Year’s celebrations. A bowl of warm noodles is one of the most comforting meals you can make, and certainly one of my family’s favorites.

As I mentioned, I’m ordering all of my ingredients on Umamicart and, based on my past experiences with the company, I know that my delivery will arrive right on time and everything will be perfectly fresh and high quality. Rather than having to run around trying to find all the right ingredients, they’ll be delivered to my door and I’ll be able to focus on cooking and spending time with my loved ones. I can’t think of a more prosperous way to kick off the new year!

Offer For First Time Purchasers: $5 off and FREE delivery on first order of $49+!


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