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2023 Is All About Self-Love. This Year, Up Your Self-Care Game

A quote that says selfcare isn't selfish

Burnouts happen when you don't take care of yourself. Self-care is often perceived as vanity but to me, it's a necessity to make me feel alive. For example, having an evening self-care routine gives me something to look forward to every time I get off work, having a pamper routine on weekends helps me prepare for the week that’s about to come and incorporating monthly shopping or dine-outs into my schedule motivates me to continue working hard to maintain this lifestyle.

My point here is, having a self-care routine is extremely beneficial to unwind and reward yourself. You deserve it! With that being said, let's talk about my favorite self-care activities.

Daily self-care routine

A young woman looking into the mirror applying her skincare

Every day, after I get off work, I try to avoid looking at screens for at least two hours to help me destress. I usually use this time to go for a run or cook dinner, depending on what needed to be done. Next, I shower, using my favorite body wash (the little things matter, trust me) then comes the part I look forward to all the time: skincare!

I change into my pajamas and start doing my skincare routine. If I used makeup during the day, I’ll make sure to double cleanse, followed by toner, essence, serum, and a night mask. I find this extremely relaxing so I make sure to do this every single night. Plus, if you don’t look like a glazed donut after doing your nighttime skincare, did you even do it right?

Next, comes my Netflix session! Currently, I’m watching ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and it’s so thrilling! I usually watch an episode or two before heading to bed. However, I’ve started reading a little before going to bed and it has made such a difference to my self-care routine. When I’m ready for bed, I spray some lavender aromatherapy mist into my pillow and sheets. I find this helps me to sleep better throughout the night.

Weekly self-care routine

 A young woman sitting in her bath enjoying a glass of wine

For my weekly self-care routine, I like a pamper routine. I usually run myself a bath with roses and bath bombs for the extra oomph! My favorite bath bombs are the ones from Bath and Body Works. While I’m in the bath, I’ll usually be engrossed in a book I’m loving at the moment. Of course, there’s a glass of wine. I mean what’s a pamper routine, without wine right? Sometimes, if I’m feeling extra fancy, I even turn on some slow jazz music just to set the mood. Then, I end the night with my favorite food and a comfort show. I look forward to this every weekend!

Monthly self-care routine

A woman in a white towel lying down, relaxing in a spa

Every month, I like to treat myself to either a good shopping spree, get my hair and nails done, or go to the spa. I usually do this with friends or family. Self-care is also catching up with your loved ones. It’s not healthy to be cooped up alone in your apartment all the time. Doing this also helps you stay connected to the world around you. Me and my friends call it our ‘bonding sessions’. So, we start off with brunch, then head on to our favorite mall where we continue to spend quality time together. We also tend to switch it up from time to time. Sometimes, we enjoy going for a jog or a walk in the park.

Next on my list is traveling! I want to try doing that at least once a year.

These are just some of my favorite self-care activities. Self-care is not one size fits all, do what feels right for you. Whether it’s cuddling with a pet or sitting down journaling your day, the choice is yours! Self-care is what you define it to be. This article is just to remind you to take the necessary steps to take care of yourself. Remember, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. Have a good day!


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