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4 Ways To Keep Your Salon Fully Booked All Winter

When I first opened my salon, I saw a significant drop in waxing appointments in the fall and winter months. It’s not completely surprising - when people are bundled up for months at a time, scheduling a waxing doesn't seem like a top priority. But since waxing is a big portion of my business, I needed to create ways to get people booking regularly throughout the colder months. After lots of experimentation and trial and error, I think I’ve found the solution. Here’s how I keep my salon fully booked during fall and winter.

1. Offer Extra Relaxation

As the temperature drops, people start to tense up. Walking around in cold weather results in muscles losing more heat and contracting, which causes tightness throughout the body. Appeal to people’s desire for relaxation and offer “Winter Specials” where customers get a 20 minute massage with certain waxing treatments. This extra incentive and excuse to treat themselves really gets customers in the door.

2. Focus On Skincare

While people may not be as focused on waxing in the winter, they are definitely focused on skincare and making sure their skin is healthy and hydrated. In the winter months I offer a winter special that includes a full body exfoliation and full body wax. In the promotional materials and posts on social, I make sure to highlight how the waxing supports overall skin health and helps keep the skin soft and smooth. I also mention that keeping up with your waxing in the winter makes it much easier to maintain it in the months where it matters most! For these treatments (and all of my waxing) I love Nova Wax, which is gentle on the skin and so easy to use, even on larger areas. Made with top-tier polymers and natural ingredients, it leaves customers looking and feeling amazing.

3. Cozy Up Your Space

Make sure the salon looks as inviting as possible in the chilly winter months. Add some pillows and throw blankets to the waiting area, have tea or cider available, and keep the space warm - there’s nothing worse than having to get undressed in a cold room! You can also add some scented candles and create a relaxing seasonal playlist.

4. Wine & Waxing Nights

While getting your eyebrows done with a friend may not seem like the most obvious way to spend a girls’ night, I’ve had tons of success with these fun events. I partner with a local wine shop and offer a free glass of wine to customers who get an eyebrow wax and I also invite some local designers to come in and sell jewelry and accessories. (Just make sure that guests have their wine after their wax, as alcohol lowers your pain tolerance!) Everyone always has a great time and I’m able to squeeze in a bunch of appointments in a really fun environment. It’s also a great way for current customers to introduce the salon to their friends. (Plus, it’s always fun to see the reaction to the Nova Wax, which has a gorgeous sparkle to it and is super gentle on everyone’s skin!)

Try out these options and I can almost guarantee you’ll see a boost in bookings. Thinking outside the box and using great products like Nova Wax has helped make my salon successful year round.


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