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5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

Much of what we accomplish in a day is associated with our habits. In fact, according to social psychologists, 45% of our daily behavior is habitual. On average, it takes 66 days to form a new habit, and good habits are especially important to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. You do not need to do a complete 180 for your life to feel more meaningful. Rather, it’s the small habits that make the most impact. Start today by employing the following five life-changing habits.

1. Plan out Your Day

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about the importance of making plans, but remember that people who are successful plan it that way. Schedule even the smallest activities that you want to accomplish for the day and jot them down in your notebook or online calendar. Draft your to-do list every night before going to bed, so you have a plan for the next morning. When you check off those tasks, you will be more productive, accomplished, and motivated.

2. Choose Gratitude

Gratitude can entirely change your perspective about life. In general, successful people are those who are able to see the positive in life and show appreciation for what they have. It may sound silly or futile, but make it a habit to make a list of the top things you are grateful for in your life and give it some good thinking. Remaining thankful is a great coping mechanism that also opens doors for greater things.

3. Drink a Glass of Water before Eating

This habit will not only keep you hydrated but also help you maintain your weight. Chugging a glass of water prior to each meal increases the feeling of fullness and prevents over-eating.

4. Invest in Life-long Learning

Embrace the importance and love for learning as that will take you far and wide. Rather than spending your time with surface-level knowledge, acquire skills for personal fulfillment and self-development. Try testing your dancing skills, have a go at coding, or express yourself through art. Research suggests that life-long skills will help your brain work at the optimum level throughout your life. Plus, they can be a great way to earn some big fat checks.

5. Mindfully manage your money

One key habit of successful people is that they are excellent at managing their money. Spending can be automatic and habitual, which can quickly go out of hand. One of the best ways to be mindful of your money is to take a break from spending altogether. Store your extra change in a jar and see how quickly it adds up. You can also open up a savings account, one that pays you to keep your money saved.

Another way is to only spend on things that truly spark joy. Rather than spending endlessly on food and useless household items, spend money on creating experiences. These include vacationing in a different country, indulging in a thrilling adventure like bungee jumping or ziplining, etc. You should also focus your expenditure on self-improvement and self-care. Gym membership, a pampering skincare routine, and an online course are all examples of self-improvement and self-care.


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