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5 Homemade Remedies for Cracked Skin

Having cracked skin can be due to various skin issues, ranging from natural environmental causes like extreme cold or hot weather, poor humidity, and low moisture to more complicated medical-related problems like eczema, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy. Of course, your lips, hands, and feet are particularly prone to breakage or cracking; however, depending on the cause, cracked skin can affect other body parts.

Using store-bought skincare products can be pretty unpleasant for people with very sensitive complexion, or allergies, as the products contain preservatives that could irritate the skin. It should be known that your kitchen, not the drugstore, may hold the secret to achieving healthy, vibrant, and even-toned skin, as skin cracking can be treated easily with homemade remedies. Here are five homemade remedies to try and get your dream skin tone:

Making an avocado mask

An avocado mask is one of the best natural ways to maintain overall skin health. It soothes, refreshes, and helps your skin against dry and cracking skin.

How to: Mash half an avocado with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, and stir till it becomes creamy. Apply the creamy mask on your face or any other affected body area and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it off. Your skin would feel moisturized. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to the mixture to double up the effects.

Applying coconut oil

Well-known for its nourishments, coconut oil is suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin. Coconut oil contains a natural emollient that makes it a sure-shot solution for cracked skin. You can use coconut oil day-to-day, pre, and post-shower, on even the most irritable skin areas — around your mouth and underneath your eyes.

Tip: For a better skin result, massage coconut oil on affected parts of the skin before bedtime.

Using Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is said to have ample moisturizing benefits and aids in balancing your skin's pH levels. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins which help in curbing skin breakage.

How to: Scrape the gel of an Aloe Vera leaf and puree it up into a serum. Apply it to your skin or affected parts directly and leave for 15 minutes, after which it can be washed off with warm water. Here's a plus: mix the Aloe Vera gel with honey to calm redness on any body part.

Using Honey

A natural moisturizer rich in omega-3 fatty acids, honey contains more anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve skin irritations and itchiness. Honey can be applied directly to the skin's dry part or can be consumed. Either way, it helps significantly in ameliorating cracked skin.


Made for consumption and external usage, milk contains a mild, natural exfoliant (lactic acid), which helps impede skin sunburns. For a better and quick result, add an essential oil like lavender or pink Turmeric when used directly on cracked skin areas (and not to be consumed). Lactic acid does prickle cracked skins, so be sure to make a mixture before external usage.


The skin should always be preserved to avoid the outburst of cracked skin and stave off viruses and bacteria. Maintaining even-toned and radiant skin should not depend on using over-the-counter products. Try out these above-mentioned homemade remedies for cracked skin, and enjoy a baby-smooth skin feel.

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