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As States Move to Re-Open, the CDC Warns Travelers Amid COVID Surge

States have begun to re-open across America, which means increased travel between borders and heavy traffic in airports. However, the Washington Post reports that nearly 40,000 new cases of Covid-19 last Friday, a surge particularly heavy in the southern states of Texas, Alabama, Missouri, and Nevada.

However, the recent surge in cases isn’t reserved to the south, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has raised alarm to federal authorities after a new report of 892 new cases. In Ohio’s case, the recent surge surpasses the expectations amid increased testing, meaning there’s a definite rise in cases.

As a result, the CDC has renewed its guidelines to reflect the situation on the ground. The report notes a strong suggestion against traveling via airplane, bus, or train. Traveling by air poses a particular risk given the slow lines at TSA security checkpoints and loading terminals.

However, viruses don’t spread too well on airplanes because of how the air is filtered and circulated. Still, social distancing is a challenge because you’re elbow to elbow with nearby passengers. You have the same problem if you plan on traveling by bus or train. For long periods of time, you’re stuck in close proximity in a space that isn’t well-ventilated.

If you need to travel, the safest way would be by car. If you drive to your destination, you can limit your exposure to the public by strategically stopping at rest stops and gas stations only when necessary. When you do stop at a public place, take the proper precautions of wearing a cloth mask and washing your hands regularly. Any sanitizer with a high alcohol concentration (over 60%) will also help to keep you safe.

If you have to stay at a hotel and motel, it’s still wise to bring sanitation material to clean your lodging. Wiping down frequently touched surfaces like drawers, doorknobs, handles, and remotes will help eliminate your exposure to the Covid-19 virus.


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