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Everyday Habit That Makes You Age

Do you look older than you are? Aging is an inevitable process, but premature aging should be your primary concern. Apart from genetics, many factors contribute to your perceived age. Generally, Americans are preoccupied with looking young, which is evident in the ever-growing beauty and fitness industries available in the country. However, they undermine their efforts by participating in actions that prematurely age them regularly.

Many people engage in everyday habits that may look harmless and seem unrelated to aging but unknowingly make them age. This article will uncover these habits. Keep reading!

1. Stress and Inadequate Quality Sleep

Sleep is a vital ingredient of the body and soul. Today, nearly everybody lives under stress and sleep-deprived. Studies have shown the necessity of sleep to keep your body strong. Your body system undergoes repair and renewal when you sleep well. When you stress yourself, the nervous system releases cortisol, a stress hormone. The hormone increases oil production in your skin and causes clogged pores and acne breakouts

2. Consuming Too Much Alcohol

Too much alcohol consumption has instant effects on your body that are not obvious. Excessive alcohol intake can dehydrate the skin and cause inflammation, resulting in facial flushing and broken blood capillaries. This will make you age than you ought to appear. Besides, studies have uncovered that alcohol consumption can lead to upper facial wrinkles and cause under-eye puffiness.

3. Excessive Sugar Intake

Consuming anything with excessive sugar is a recipe for aging. Collagen and elastin are two significant compounds in your skin that make it plump and look younger. So, when you take too much sugar (glucose), they link the amino acids in these compounds- collagen and elastin and damage them. This will prevent the body’s natural repairing process.

4. Overexposure to Electronic Devices

In the present world, people do most jobs online. Many people spend several hours in front of digital devices, which prevent them from escaping the blue light around them. Blue light can change your skin cells and lead to cell shrinkage and death. Consequently, dermatologists warn that if you don’t want to experience premature aging, avoid extensive exposure to the high energy visible light from your digital devices.

5. Smoking

Smokers are liable to die young! Smoke contains harmful chemicals that are destructible to the skin cells and result in wrinkles and early signs of premature aging. Nicotine, a chemical contained in smoke, can narrow blood vessels thereby reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients, preventing your skin from generating new cells, and thus making you appear aged.

Final Thought

Aging is the most dreadful transformation in the life of human beings. No wonder many people, especially Americans, opt for expensive skincare and beauty products to make them look younger. Nevertheless, apart from what you spend on beauty products, you need to avoid unhealthy everyday habits that make you age faster than expected. Remember, it’s not too late to start, so embrace these lifestyle changes now.


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